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Umpire Recruitment & Development Survey

If you have done any umpiring in 2017 or recent seasons, and this includes any 10-ish over stints you do durng a match as a player-umpire, this article is for you!!!

The ECB ACO is are currently looking into the recruitment, development and progression of umpires in England and Wales, from grassroots to First Class. As part of the review they would like to try and get to know how many people are actually umpiring the game at the various levels throughout the two countries and how they feel about some of their experiences so far as an umpire. Read more

Good Marks from the League / FREE Course

The Club has received favourable markings from the Surrey Championship panel umpires who came to Stoke in 2017…

2017 Surrey Championship Umpire Facility Scoring

Well done to Pagie for the design, and to those who help keep their room clean!

On the subject of umpiring, the ECBACO has released a FREE on-line course for occasional umpires, specifically aimed to help those tasked with doing a stint of any length in any match, either standing at the bowler’s end or at square leg. Read more

Surrey Championship AGM

Last Monday evening Adrian Mills represented the Club at the League AGM held at Wimbledon CC. Here Adrian runs through some of the things that were discussed:

The meeting was preceded by a presentation on “Blue Bails Day” (a charity day that they’re encouraging cricket clubs to support), which will take place on 13th August this year. They said each club will be invited to sign up, so they’ll be sending us some information on how to at some point. The presentation will be on the Championship website soon if you want to have a look. Read more

Umpire Training Courses

The following communication has been sent to all League Clubs:

All the recent surveys done by the ECB and Surrey show that a key determinant of player enjoyment of the game is having competent umpires.

In order to encourage this the Surrey Championship is prepared to reimburse clubs with the cost of attendance at a ECB ACO Level 1 Training Course held in Surrey, (£50), of any member of their club who in the following season umpires in at least 3 League matches for that club.  The fee includes sitting the ECB ACO Level 1 exam, (which is optional and held shortly after the course), which if passed gives the official ECB ACO Umpiring Level 1 qualification. Read more