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Bowled Out by a Stoker

This week’s “Ask Steven” feature on CricInfo saw one follower ask:

Which bowler has the best record of hitting the stumps, given a large amount of wickets?

The answer was:

Of the 181 bowlers who have so far taken 100 or more Test wickets, the two with the highest percentage of bowled dismissals are the 19th-century England pair of George Lohmann, with 51 out of 112, or 45.53% bowled, and Johnny Briggs, with 52 out of 118, (44.06%) Read more

Two Hundreds in the Same Innings

India have had two centurions in an innings on two occasions in the last few days.

In adult men’s cricket, Stoke have had two centurions in the same innings twice…in our entire history(!) both in the 1994 season.

On the 3rd July 1994 Mike Cooper and Simon Engelen both hit centuries in the rout of Guildford & Godalming : http://sdacc.play-cricket.com/view_results_details?id=10445529
It was Mike’s first century for the Club, (Simon’s second – of eight), having been run out for 99 less than a month earlier. Read more

Centuries Making Up a Large Percentage of the Total (2)

Slow day yesterday and today so far for news, so time for some more stats…

Recently we published this article, (http://www.stokecc.co.uk/2016/12/23/centuries-making-up-a-large-percentage-of-the-total/), that created a lot of interest and web-site ‘hits’ so we’ve gone a bit further like we did after the initial “100+ for 0 then all out” article to make some comparisons with the professional game. Read more

100+ for 0 then all-out (3)

So, for the second time in less than two months England have managed to get themselves bowled out in no time having had a century opening partnership.

For those who missed the two articles we posted in November, in over 140 years of our existence, a Stoke side has only been bowled out after an opening stand of 100 on five occasions, and in one of those we only had ten men. Read more

ODI Collapses / 100+ for 0 then all-out (2)

The latest article about losing wickets after being 100+ for 0 has prompted a bit of interest and banter. Tim McConnell, (Stoker from 2001 to 2003 who says he will try and get a game in for us next time he is in the UK – http://sdacc.play-cricket.com/website/player_stats_widget/batting_stats/808642?rule_type_id=179), contacted us from his native New Zealand and spotted himself on the Century Partnerships board with Andrew Hall who also joined the conversation. Will Thomson also dialled in from the Far East, and one or two more local to Stoke have already read and shared it. Read more

100+ for 0 then all-out

When Sky’s statistician Benedict put this picture on Twitter at the weekend…


…we looked to see if any Stoke XI had ever collapsed in a similar way.

Using the excellent list of Century Partnerships created by Adrian Mills as a starting point, (click here for the full list : http://www.stokecc.co.uk/century-partnerships/), we have looked at all the games in our history to see how many times we have been bowled out having started the innings with a century partnership, how the innings progressed after that and how the match ended up. Read more