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Sunday Round Up – One Win, One Loss

Sunday 11th August 2019

The week started with excellent availability to source a second fixture. The traditional number of drop outs, including four on the Saturday, one at 10.30pm and another tried to bail on the Sunday morning but was turned around, made for a bit of a late scramble but 21 players helped make two games; each side posting a similar score but with a different result. Read more

2nd XI draw with Purley

Saturday 29th June 2019
AJ Fordham Surrey Championship – 2nd XI competition
Purley 2nd XI 280 for 9 (50 overs)
Stoke D’Abernon 2nd XI 177 for 7 (50 overs)
Match Drawn – ‘Winning Draw’ to Purley 2nd XI

Stalemate at The Rec for the second week running as Stoke’s 2nd XI, missing a few players due to unavailability and 1st XI call ups, secured a draw after a lengthy stint in the field. Read more

Fantasy Football (Premier League)

Congrats to Robbie Parrett who wins the 2017-2018 Stoke Fantasy Football League.

1 : Mee-sa YaYa Winks – Robbie Parrett – 2171
2 : Ballotellitubbies – Paddy Wilson – 2143
3 : Devon XI – Andy Devon – 2050
4 : Mighty Tigers – Jeremy Connell – 2029
5 : NaakKeBaal – Raja Singh – 2002
6 : Klopps and Robbers – Alex Clinton – 1976
7 : ACB68 – Andy Berry – 1910
8 : Selection Nightmares – Ralph Coleman – 1864
9 : Geologinho – Nico Spreeth – 1825
10 : Doesn’t Mata – Will Thomson – 1796

Thanks to all those who entered.

Robbie Parrett
A picture of Robbie in whites will follow when we get him on the field this year!

Lowest Career Averages to Contain a Century

In last week’s “Ask Steven” section on CricInfo “Irfan” from Pakistan asked:

I noticed that Ajit Agarkar has a Test batting average of 16.79 despite having a century to his name. Is this the lowest Test batting average to include a century?

Steven replied:

The Indian fast bowler turned Cricinfo pundit Ajit Agarkar might be relieved to learn that he comes in quite a way down this particular list. Agarkar’s hundred came at Lord’s, no less, in 2002; his next highest score was 48. There are eight players with lower batting averages who also scored a Test century, one of them a current player, the Zimbabwe captain Graeme Cremer, (16.27.)

Top of the list is someone who might also yet reappear in Test cricket. The West Indian fast bowler Jerome Taylor averages only 12.96 despite having slammed 106 against New Zealand in Dunedin in 2008-09. Taylor’s 106 that day is exactly double his next highest score.

The other Test centurions with a lower batting average than Agarkar’s 16.79 can be seen here : http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/stats/index.html?class=1;filter=advanced;orderby=batting_average;orderbyad=reverse;qualmin1=1;qualval1=hundreds;template=results;type=batting

In a bored moment this got SDCC thinking and we looked at all our centurions, (now up to 81 after Alastair Curran, Ishan Mulchandani and Reino Grobler got themselves on our hundreds board this year – http://www.stokecc.co.uk/centuries/), to see how we compared.

In fairness to our boys, though, we only play single innings cricket and are more likely to damage our averages in the pursuit of quick runs towards the end of an innings; plus some others have also made a number of low scores as juniors when making their first steps into adult cricket; so we’ll compare our stats against the International ODI list rather than the Test list in the ‘Ask Steven’ feature. (We can’t do a T20 comparison as no Stoker has made a century in T20 cricket yet!)

The full list of 81 Stokers with a century to their name, (the eighteen players who played in 2017 are highlighted), and their career averages can be viewed here :

Career Averages for All Stoke Centurions to the end of the 2017 season Read more

Action Photos from Oxshott

Robbie Parrett was along to cheer on the Sunday XI at the weekend, and took his camera with him. He has sent these in:

Richie Parrett v Oxshott 2017 2
Richie Parrett v Oxshott 2017 1
Richie Parrett v Oxshott 2017 3

Jeremy Connell v Oxshott 2017

Will Thomson v Oxshott 2017

Patrick ONeill v Oxshott 2017

The first three show Richie looking to go past Michael Holding’s count of 249 wickets. He equalled Mikey’s count with an early one but a few near misses meant the day ended in a tie. The tale of the tape is now as follows:

Category / Parrett / Holding
Player Number : 205 / 153
Overs (Balls) : 1473.3 (8841) / 2113.2 (12680)
Maidens : 241 / 459
Runs : 6039 / 5898
Wickets : 249 / 249
Average : 24.25 / 23.68
Best Bowling : 6-4 / 8-92
Strike Rate : 35.51 / 50.92
Economy Rate : 4.10 / 2.79

Parrett – http://sdacc.play-cricket.com/website/player_stats_widget/bowling_stats/117251?rule_type_id=179
Holding – http://www.espncricinfo.com/westindies/content/player/52063.html

We think Mikey has you covered, Richie, but you do have him on strike rate!

We’ll leave readers of this to compare and contrast the respective approaches to the wicket and actions of these two fine bowlers.

Also featured are Jez Connell, (newly dubbed the “Surbiton Express” by said photographer), who has an uncannily similar take off to former England player Barry Wood – http://www.espncricinfo.com/england/content/player/22498.html – footage of him in the first minute of this link for those who need a reminder  –

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BxaH_nLVB0 Read more

Sunday XI Complete Bank Job

Sunday 13th August 2017
Bank of England 158 all out (39 overs)
Stoke D’Abernon 159 for 8 (30.2 overs)
Stoke D’Abernon won by 2 wickets

By Thursday morning this match looked highly unlikely as a succession of injuries, other withdrawals and an alarming absence of regulars left us with just four players and a reluctant fifth. Our thanks to Bank of England CC for giving us enough time to have another ring-around – miraculously an XI was completed and we kept one of our best Sunday fixtures alive.

All the effort and stress was worthwhile as the sides played out a close game.

As we all know dealing with banks is always a challenge, and Stoke were presented with a new one in the form of getting a toss done. It was their young home skipper’s first game as captain and none of the senior players wanted to take the honour away from him, despite him arriving one minute before the scheduled 2.30pm start time. He then chose to bat on winning the toss and the Stoke players hurriedly changed having expected to be batting first when listening to the pre-toss discussions. We eventually started at 2.45pm.

Stoke did their best to keep the over-rate good but the blue ‘wide lines’ painted on the pitch that was used in the previous day’s league match were more than used as a guide by a home umpire who was very strict – for both sides – on anything going through outside of them. Each side was called for 15 wides, add in two no-balls from the BofE bowlers when it was their turn and the match would only have had 71 overs had it gone the distance.

Richie Parrett bowled eight off the reel at the start, a spell that saw Hussain clip lazily to Ralph Coleman at square leg where the ball lodged somewhere. Parrett Jnr completed a good spell of 8-2-12-2 with the wicket of Andrews who liked to run on the shot but gave it the charge once too often.

Andrews’ dismissal came with the score on 46, (extras chipping in), but the total was also due to a nicely constructed innings from League player Goodwin who made 44 before pulling a ball from Freddie Whichello onto his stumps. Whichello was one of two players sourced by Adam De Swardt who himself was in Cobham house-sitting and enquired about the possibility of a game this week.

Somerville, (26), and O’Brien, (32), played positively to take the total past the 100 mark, but both were back in the pavilion by the time the board showed 134; both wickets to Coleman courtesy of catches by Robbie Parrett at backward point and Jeremy Connell who kindly agreed to keep. Coleman, (5-1-14-3), also bowled Milligan for a duck after one of a succession of full deliveries squeezed under the bat.

Stoke were then left with a conundrum: open the game up or continue to squeeze knowing BofE are notorious for batting on too long. They got an appropriate score to chase more by luck than judgement. De Swardt bowled a tidy four over spell, after which opportunities were given to more bowlers who all did well. Faizan Mirza took two wickets in his first over when Jackson and Dilshad both slashed at wide deliveries but only succeeded in edging to Connell; De Swardt effected the direct hit run-out of Soofi after he was called through for a suicidal single.

Robbie Parrett tried some leg-spin that was remarkably good, (although the plan was to get a few more runs to chase so weirdly he didn’t bowl to plan), and he closed the innings on 158 after 39 overs when Sivaraman hacked across the line and was leg-before.

Tea, and a not particularly prompt start afterwards, left Stoke with the prospect of only 45 minutes plus the mandatory last 20 overs. Agreement was reached to put the last hour back to 6.45pm, and had the game gone the distance Stoke would have eventually had just 32 overs back.

The chase started well, though, as Moumer Khara and Mirza got bat on what balls they could reach. Ten wides and a no-ball were sent down by opening bowler Dhami, and he then, (kind of), did Stoke a favour by getting the wicket of Mirza, earning himself another couple of overs, (one of his earlier sets lasted eleven balls.)

37 for 1 in the 10th and Robbie Parrett finished that over with two 2s and a nice four through square. Sadly he pulled the next ball he faced two overs later onto the stumps in a near identical dismissal to that of Goodwin in the first innings.

No.4 Talatsahid “Tim” Babi, another player sourced by De Swardt, joined Khara and the board started ticking in Stoke’s favour. Babi hit some nice shots in his knock of 21 from 19 balls, his dismissal was one of two in successive deliveries as Connell was unable to clear the man on the circle. 85 for 4.

Next to join Khara was De Swardt. The pair added 51 runs in just over seven overs to keep Stoke ahead of the asking rate. Khara reached fifty with an all-run four, and clearly short of oxygen he was run-out soon after for 51 from 79 balls when he failed to run his bat in.

De Swardt was scoring runs at the effective rate but was starting to lose partners. Khara’s wicket fell with the score on 136, (leaving 23 needed off 43 balls), but further wickets fell at the other end on 140-6, 143-7 and 151-8 to leave him with just No.10 and No.11 for company, the former being Richie Parrett.

A De Swardt four and a single got Stoke to the brink, but keen to keep the strike he turned down runs, (plural), when Parrett Jnr carved one over backward point – a two to tie the scores and keep De Swardt on strike for the next over was possible in hindsight, but a dot ball was recorded in the scorebook as the batsmen ended up having talk about whether to run in the middle of the pitch whilst the fielder chased the ball to the boundary.

Nerves were the tested further as De Swardt then took a single off the first ball of the penultimate over with two still needed. Clearly enjoying his batting this year, Parrett tried a repeat of the shot he played off the previous ball he faced, this time it ended up going somewhere over two fielders on the leg-side and the batsmen ran through to complete a two wicket victory with 10 balls to spare at gone 8pm.

Never in doubt!

Again a massive vote of thanks to those who made this game possible; notably De Swardt who we allowed to look at the Australia Cup he won on our return to HQ, (he missed last year’s awards.)

We have a blank in the fixture card next Sunday, but we will try and source a fixture appropriate to the availabilities we get in. (Hint!)

Scorecard : http://sdacc.play-cricket.com/website/results/2889366

Sunday XI One Wicket Away

Sunday 18th June 2017
Stoke D’Abernon 236 for 5 declared (43 overs)
Concorde 179 for 9 (40 overs)
Match Drawn

The hottest day of the year saw Stoke and Concorde play out a draw at Sendholme.

Batting first, Doug Gilbertson was originally listed at No.3 but faced the first ball of the match as the person originally selected for the role was sat on the roller at Stoke with less than 20 minutes to the start. After a quiet opening maiden, it was anything but at the start of the second over as debutant Ishan Mulchandani drilled the first two balls he faced through the covers and mid-off, then pulled the third along the ground through mid-wicket – not a bad way to start your Stoke career – and he hit another four before the over was out.

These would be Mulchandani’s only scoring shots, though, as the next over saw him clip to square leg where Paddy Wilson, fielding whilst the last Concorde player was changing, took a good catch.

Gilbertson and Thomas Dennis, in at No.3 having been listed at No.4, batted with little alarm until the first drinks break, (62 for 1 off 18); then they ran harder on the resumption as the fielders were starting to feel the heat. Gilbertson’s departure with the score on 77 owed to freakish events. He swung himself off his feet trying to attack the change bowling, one of his feet caught in the turf and he ended up in a heap. In the next over an attempt to run proved futile and he retired, (for the second time this season), on 33.

Ian Hopton made it in time to take the No.4 spot and played positively against the tiring change bowlers. He ran well with Dennis and pair took the second wicket stand to 163 – 103 of them in partnership together in just over 14 overs – before Hopton hit a return catch to Turvill for an even 50 from 41 balls with seven fours.

One wicket brought a second the very next ball Robbie Parrett caressed it past the cover fielder, but both batsmen turned for an improbable second run and Dennis was run out by yards for 69 from 105 balls faced. This was Dennis’ maiden half-century for Stoke and he hit nine fours.

Parrett Snr, (well, playing Snr – Mum & Dad were at the ground to watch his first appearance for the Club since July 2007), had an eventful seven ball knock that ended when he was leg-before for 8. One nice four reminded him, and the audience that include Malcolm Dickson, of his considerable ability, and we hope to see him in League action very soon.

Skipper Rod Thomson kept the board moving and the total passed 200 for the loss of just four wickets. Thomson, (13 off 10), fell to smart slip catch by Fernandes leaving Jeremy Connell to take centre stage and set up the declaration. He did so with a 17 ball knock of 27 not out that included the match’s only six.

Thomson waved the batsmen in after 43 overs. Stoke had 236 on the board to be creative with.

An excellent traditional cricket tea set Stoke up for their session the field that would ultimately last 40 overs including the mandatory last 20.

The hosts went after the bowling from the start as 38 runs, (nine fours), came from the first 5.2 overs; but both openers were back in the pavilion by the mid-point of the 7th over; Jack Townsend castled Fernandes for 20, then a low full-toss from Richie Parrett was well held at cover by Hopton. 42 for 2.

Change bowlers Dennis and Ben Townsend bowled good spells; Townsend Jnr taking two wickets in his third over to reduce the hosts to 78 for 4. Mulchandani took a good high catch over his head out of the sun, then Prevost heard the death rattle third ball.

No.4 Marshall and No.6 Symondson continued to play positively as Stoke kept the game open. With the total on 134, Thomson found Marshall’s edge and he was well held by Wilson at slip for 38; but the home players continued to play their shots. Wilson was punished for anything off target, but did get the next two wickets when Symondson, (33), fell to a sensational catch by Thomson in the deep, then the home skipper Wright was bowled for a duck. 142 for 6 with 13.1 overs to go – could Stoke get it done?

No.7 Freeman was proving an obstacle, hitting the ball in unusual areas. Hopton tied him down and on another day might have picked up an lbw decision or two; but he did get the next wicket to fall when No.9 Anning served him up a return catch. 157 for 8 with 8.5 overs to go.

Thomson shuffled the bowlers trying to find a solution. All did well but the last two wickets were proviong elusive. Just as things were starting to peter out, Jack Townsend, (7-3-28-2), opened the door again by shattering No.10 Howard’s stumps with ten balls to go. No.11 Stockbridge saw off the remainder of that penultimate over; then Freeman, (23 not out), was made to play every ball by Dennis in the last set, but he held on and stumps were drawn with the home side on 179 for 9.

Concorde were excellent hosts, contributed a lot to this match and were good for their draw; but full credit to Stoke for nearly forcing a win on a very good pitch that offered little seam movement or turn.

Stoke’s Sunday XI are back at The Rec next week when they host the Surrey Cryptics.

Scorecard : http://sdacc.play-cricket.com/website/results/2916612

Sunday XI v Concorde 18 06 2017

Fantasy Football

Congrats to Dom Morley who wins the 2016-2017 Stoke Fantasy Football League.

1. Morls’ Men – Dom Morley – 2326
2. No Fuchs Given – Robbie Parrett – 2192
3. JigarKaCheelka – Raja Singh – 2096
4. Mighty Tigers – Jeremy Connell – 2045
5. Tea and Busquets – Matt Gottschalk – 1967
6. Balotelli-Tubbies – Patrick Wilson – 1951
7. Selection Nightmares – Ralph Coleman – 1910
8. Townsend FC – Ben Townsend – 1898
9. ParkTheBus FC – Jack Townsend – 1855
10. Martial Law – Will Thomson – 1841
11. Ctrl Alt De Laet – Charlie Hill – 1831
12. Dogwood Rovers – Daniel Gluckman – 1761
13. Bafana Bafana FC – Nico Spreeth – 1717

Thanks to all those who entered.
Dom Morley Walton

50 Hundreds by Stokers – Part 2

In the second part, (of five), Ralphie looks at the next batch of ten centuries that have been scored in games he has played in:

So an 80% approval rating for centuries ranked 50-41 is enough for me to keep going on this. Here is may take on positions 40 to 31…

James Trower : 102 not out v Sheen Park (H) on 13/09/2014 – 1st XI – Friendly
Scorecard : http://sdacc.play-cricket.com/website/results/718417
JT got an early life in this one, but after that his maiden century for the Club was pretty routine; Jack smashing the ball to all parts created lots of gaps to push one and twos. A lot of running, (especially when Jase came in towards the end of the innings), meant tiredness jeopardised chances of getting his hundred before the allotted 40 overs were up, but he sneaked home in front of Mum & Dad who timed their arrival perfectly.
James Trower Centurion

James Trower : 107 (Retired) v Sheen Park (H) on 12/09/2015 – 1st XI – Friendly
Scorecard : http://sdacc.play-cricket.com/website/results/2542409
No, this isn’t a copy & paste or typing error. Same player, same opposition & venue, same result. Not much between this one and #40, but the 2015 edition has the edge as the game was a little closer and there was no early chance given. The scorecard doesn’t tell the full story, here. At drinks the opposition were 93 for 1 at the half-way stage with Stoke a man light in the field, JT himself leaving to check out what would be a broken digit. Jase deputised and juggled things well to make sure this ton was a match-winning one.
Trower 85 not out v Kempton 2016

Tim Handel : 102 (Retired) v Staines & Laleham (H) on 19/04/2014 – 1st XI – Friendly
Scorecard : http://sdacc.play-cricket.com/website/results/673933
This seemed the perfect pre-season match-up, a chance to pit our wits against a team a division above; but whilst our regular 1st XI all came out to play, a number of the opposition’s regulars didn’t. Everyone got time in the middle, notably Tim who faced much fewer balls than runs scored before walking off to give others a chance.

Jack Raimondo : 114 not out v Cranleigh (H) on 10/08/2008 – Academy – Surrey Trust
Scorecard : http://sdacc.play-cricket.com/website/results/961846
First ball faced reared off a length, Jack appeared to punch the ball to the keeper, started to walk off but hastily about-turned when no-one appealed. After Will P saw off the rest of a decent opening spell where it nibbled around early, Jack and Tim then cashed in against inexperienced Trust League change bowlers. Every subsequent batsman scored at better than a run-a-ball too, and we had a nice big score to play with and take the points.
New Year 2016 Jack

Siddhartha Lahiri : 109 v Australia House (H) on 25/04/2004 – Sunday XI – Friendly
Scorecard :

http://sdacc.play-cricket.com/website/results/219832 Read more