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Sunday XI defeat the Badgers

Sunday 25th August 2019
Stoke D’Abernon 162 all out (36.5 overs)
Badgers 116 all out (33.2 overs)
Stoke D’Abernon won by 46 runs

With one or two notable exceptions Stoke’s batsmen were indebted to their bowling unit as they turned and under-par score into a winning one at a sun-soaked Stoke Rec. Read more

Sunday Cricket : Two Wins. One run feast, one feast of insanity

Sunday 30th June 2019
Famine to feast again on the availability front and we had numbers to play two Sunday fixtures this weekend, thus avoiding the difficult decision of having to tell a handful of people that they had no game. Plans were hastily changed when the original opposition called an hour after the second fixture was booked to say they couldn’t raise a side; but we found a replacement opposition well known to us selected the sides accordingly.

To say the afternoon was a success was an understatement…

Home Friendly
Stoke D’Abernon 211 for 7 (40 overs)
Hampton Hill 97 all out (29.3 overs)
Stoke D’Abernon won by 114 runs

President Finch looked after matters at HQ and got first use of the pitch used for the previous day’s league match. It still played well and encouraged the batsmen to do the same.

Malcolm Dickson and Alistair McMillan opened the batting, (for the first time this season – a feature on these two will come on a slow news day), but both were gone with 28 on the board.

This provided an early opportunity for Thomas Dennis to get some valuable time in the middle, and he didn’t disappoint, making 54. He lost Neil Foster, (27), along the way; but the run rate remained healthy as the captain continued his great form with 51; Richard Harris chipped in with an unbeaten 30 and others unselfishly gave away their wickets in the pursuit of quick runs. Stoke closed on 211 for 7.

In reply the opposition, who had advertised themselves as weak when the fixture was agreed, never really got going and fell away to 97 all out; but this was as much a credit to the Stoke bowling and fielding. The first five bowlers used all took wickets; Carel Ferreira, (2 for 8), McMillan, (2 for 20), and Rod Thomson, (5-3-9-1), shared the first five.

Chris Finch returned from injury and collected his second best ever bowling figures in his 404th appearance when taking 3 for 11 in four overs. Dennis effected a run out and Rory Harris completed the win by castling No.11. Thanks to Carel for sourcing Louis Lecornu to complete the XI – he was afforded three overs towards the end to make sure everyone had a chance to contribute.

A great afternoon’s work…but this was merely the entrée…

Scorecard : http://sdacc.play-cricket.com/website/results/4063539

Away Friendly Read more

Stoke Smash I – the Thoughts of Chairman Drew

What an event!

From Monday to Thursday, the rain was pouring down and the ‘Stoke Smash’ organising committee was contemplating a myriad of actions, including postponement, using the astro pitch for the match and renting a dozen gazebos to keep people dry.

As it turned out, Friday benefitted from the combination of a drying wind, a bit of sun and the legendary rapid-draining characteristics of the Stoke wicket and outfield. By evening we had perfect conditions for what turned out to be a splendid evening of entertainment and fund-raising.

The evening commenced with colts training that finished early at 7pm. At 7.15pm two very courageous Under-11 managers led their teams onto the outfield for the official photo shoot.

Hats off to James Cheeseman and Geoff Vinall for agreeing to do this in front of their children!

Two teams of eight each played an entertaining 48 ball innings and the result could not have been much tighter. Having posted a score of 97 runs, Vinall’s Vampires restricted Cheeseman’s Cheetahs to 91 in a last ball thriller. An account of the game from scorers’ table where Richie and Ralphie just about managed to keep up with things can be viewed here : http://www.stokecc.co.uk/2019/06/16/stoke-smash-match-report/

Throughout the match, the father and son combination of Chris and Toby Tarrant provided a humorous commentary, ensuring that every player was rinsed and praised in equal measure.

Batsmen were compulsorily retired on reaching 20 runs and the crowd witnessed some massive hits from Will Gudgeon, Tom Frost, Oli Slipper and Shawn Dyson, plus excellent fielding displays from Justin Jones and Vinall.

Before, during and after the match, sales were very brisk at the bar, the BBQ, the sweet table and the gin stall. An outstanding effort, with the BBQ and gin sales coming in with good revenue figures.

The real fun and games began at 9pm when the auction kicked off. I never cease to be amazed by the incredible generosity and commitment of Stoke parents whenever we hold a fund-raiser.

There were some excellent prizes, topped by Toby Tarrant’s offer of a tour of Global Radio, (his own Radio X, Capital, Heart, etc), including spending some time with Toby during his morning show. Three parents went head to head for this prize and the bids were effectively trebled when he offered each parent a separate tour for the same bid. Another stunner was the winning bid for the 2019-20 Chelsea shirt, signed by the entire squad. The auction was swiftly followed by the raffle where more money was banked.

The party went on till the early hours of Saturday morning, although our DJ, Fia Tarrant, very sensibly switched off her music at 11pm.

It took our treasurer, Rod Thomson, a couple of days to figure out what we had made. After deducting the cost of bar stocks, and burgers etc, the final number that came in made a healthy dent in the outstanding balance of the loan we are still paying off! This will make a huge difference to the club.

If you want to make further donations, or you were unable to attend and would have donated if you could have click here : https://www.justgiving.com/sdacc/donate/

In addition, or alternatively, you can purchase and personalise kit items via our on-line shop : https://teamwear.nxt-sports.com/shop/stokecc

Why buy clothing and kit off the peg in local sport shops when you can personalise your own? All sales generate a small commission for the Club, too.

Special thanks go to the army of helpers who made this happen. There was a large organising committee, the match-planning being a joint effort between Tim Handel, Geoff Vinall, Ian Hopton, Shawn Dyson and James Cheeseman.

The evening saw Colts parents out in force, working on the BBQ, behind the bar, selling sweets, tidying up etc. There are too many names to mention, but THANK YOU ALL – you made it very special for everyone.

Finally, massive thanks are due to all of our members for making the inaugural ‘Stoke Smash’ a night to remember.

Roll on the next one!


Stoke Smash I – Match Report

Friday 14th June 2019
Stoke Smash I
Vinall’s Vampires v Cheeseman’s Cheetahs
Umpires : Drew Patrick and Tim Handel

A separate report on Friday as a whole will appear but here in due course, but here is an account of how the match played out from the scorers’ table courtesy of the Big Bird and Ralphie.

Vinall’s Vampires Batted first…

Over 1
Not a great start as Geoff Vinall departs before the Barmy Army could break into their rendition of “…and Number One is Geoffrey V…” but Tom Frost hit the first maximum of the evening with Justin Jones knocking it around at the other end.

10-1 (1/8)

Over 2
Frost plants two more maximums into the crowd, and with a couple of singles also nudged becomes the first enforced retirement of the evening at 20 not out. Next man Shawn Dyson ends the over with a four and a two.

29-1 (2/8)

Over 3
Klimcke concedes ‘only’ 15 as Jones and Dyson trade boundaries.

44-1 (3/8)

Over 4
Dyson plants Will Frost into the crowd, and then into the car park in successive deliveries. A single then means an enforced retirement.

58-1 (4/8)

Over 5
The first of two, (by rule), from captain Cheeseman starts with a wicket as Harry Nawaz cuts to Oli Slipper. Jones retires after a couple of boundaries meaning two new bats in the form of Fraser Slater and Club Captain James Trower.

71-2 (5/8)

Over 6
Ian Hopton bowls the only over of the match not to contain a boundary as the batsmen garner six from six.

77-2 (6/8)

Over 7
The only runs off the bat to Trower as Slipper concedes just four; Slater unlucky to face one of the better bowlers on the night.

81-2 (7/8)

Over 8
Cheeseman again. A mixed bag, including the wicket of Slater, but not as successful as his previous set as Trower moves to 20, (retired, but leans on his bat at the other end to keep the game moving), leaving Kevin Morgan the last few deliveries – caught off a no-ball off one of them, bowled off the free hit, thus helping to register a nice red-inker.

97-3 (8/8)


My Greatest XI – Tom Frost

One of our golden generation turns 30 today!

When not doing his bit for World Peace in Somalia and other parts of the world, Frosty has taken time out to pen this for your enjoyment:

Here is my submission for my greatest Stoke XI:

1. Jack Raimondo
I know, I know an opening batsman who is scared of fast bowling!? But I have seen Mr Prawn – the self-confessed ‘closet six footer’ – score more runs and more match winning innings than almost anyone else. This added to his, (ahem), social contribution and the fact that we used to played rugby together from the age of 4 means that he is a shoe-in to open the batting in this team.

2. Ian Hopton
Hoppy’s love for Stokey D, (and living for free for 5 months of the year at the Patricks’), knows no bounds. His batting gets better every year and he has introduced us to some seriously talented overseas players. From my unique position behind the stumps I get to enjoy him sending down several wicket taking balls per spell. Thank God Hoppy did that gap year at Parkside and thank God for his British passport!

3. Timmy Handel
What can I say, the most natural striker of a ball I have ever shared a pitch with, (maybe apart from Jason Roy…actually it’s definitely Jason Roy but Timmy is a close second.) I feel lucky to have played with him as many times as I have especially as he was clearly better than the level we played at especially in the Fuller’s days! Although his fielding has declined in recent years he remains an all-round double yolker and one of the loveliest blokes I have met through the Club.

4. Hiken Shah
OK fine I admit it he bought me a pint in exchange for missing a straight one v Chipstead in 2009. Sorry Hickster!!! Jokes aside Hiken was genuinely unlucky not to become a household name on the First Class or even International scene, he was that good, (First Class average of 42.35.) The better the opposition the better Hiken got and when we were a team of talented but erratic youngsters he won us untold matches. He also took a ridiculous amount of wickets with THE MOST gentle off breaks in Club history.

5. James O’Gorman
That cover drive…THAT BLOODY COVER DRIVE!!! Another who I feel lucky to have played with as he was clearly capable of playing a much higher level. Gifted, handsome and a bloody good bloke to share an Asahi with, it’s just a shame that he couldn’t deal with UK visas and immigration quite as easily as he dealt with overpitched bowling.

6. Will Gudgeon
“I bet he’s quick” is the usual first impression for opposition players who have never played against Gudge, little do they know that this gentle giant got the yips when he was 17 and can’t land it on the square! Gudge will secretly be fuming that I have him this far down the order. The best No.3 in the Club, his ability to take the game away from the opposition is scary. When Gudge gets in he likes to stay in and he has a penchant for scoring big hundreds and smashing some of the biggest sixes that I have ever seen. Another who I have played with for well over a decade and is as good value off the field as he is on it.

7. Shawn Dyson
Bomber is probably one of the most useful players to every pull on the Stoke shirt. It is hard to compare Overseas players because of the difference in opposition, but he definitely would have broken more noses in the lower leagues! Bombs is so much more than a mercenary just chasing the Yankee dollar, he is a fully committed Club man who spends more time helping the colts than the senior players. Topping the runs and wickets in league cricket over the last two seasons, what more do I need to say?

8. Andy Page (Captain & Keeper)
Leader. Captain. Legend. The only man who I have brought to tears on a cricket pitch, (apart from that child in a Sunday game, but I’m not as proud of that.) Pagie brought me to the club in 2006 with the promise of easy runs and good wickets, but then consistently batted me at No.8. A consummate Club man – if you cut Pagie he bleeds blue, silver and gold – he should probably get that looked at, (wait for laughter and applause), and his enthusiasm for winning the right way as well as his ability to protect his team and confront opposition players who have stepped outside the Spirit of Cricket mean that he is the only choice to captain this side.

9. Sam Levido
The summer that Levi-Dog spent at Stoke produced so many unforgettable memories for those who were there. Who can forget the mullet, the time he spear tackled Richie during a game of touch rugby or when he shared his Amsterdam canal story with everyone… ah memories! The only player in the team who probably isn’t here on cricketing ability, but it’s my team, my memories and when we were both 18 we had the summer of our lives! Also, he would have taken far more wickets if Mike Baker had given all the edges that I took standing up to his away swingers.

10. Will Frost
Yes he is my brother, no nepotism is not why I’m picking him. I have seen Willo bowl some of the most unbelievable deliveries and dismissed some of the best batsmen who we have played against. As the 1st XI has progressed up the leagues his bowling has got better and better, although like most spinners he is not afraid of buying several wickets a season with some absolutely filthy half trackers! He continues to beat good batsmen regularly and from behind the sticks I always feel that the next ball will be a wicket and you can’t ask for much more from your lead spinner.

11. Toby Tarrant
Lots of good candidates for this spot, but TT has to be the most consummate No.11 I have ever seen. You look at his pads, his different borrowed bat every week and the way he wears his helmet and you just know he’s here for a good time not a long time. Just to make it clear I’m picking July/August Toby here because early season Toby, boosted by his reluctance to net, is generally slow, short and a bit of a buffet; but once the mid-point of the season is passed he turns into a new bowler and sends down absolute seeds with regularity. This added to his off field persona make him a pleasure to keep to and share a dressing room with.

Scorer : Richie Parrett Read more

Saturday Friendly Victory at Old Ruts

Saturday 8th September 2018
Stoke D’Abernon 198 for 7 dec (42 overs)
Old Rutlishians 116 all out (34.1 overs)
Stoke D’Abernon won by 82 runs

Pessimism that we would be able to play a Saturday fixture as everyone seemed to be available on Sunday this week, (two Sunday friendlies for the first time in years), took a nice twist mid-week when one of our regular friendly oppositions was in the same boat as us and were looking to see if we had a fixture or spare players if we didn’t. Solution? See if resources could be pooled and source a fixture.

A speculative call to our friends at Old Ruts in response to their ad was met with a positive outcome, so for the second week running a Stoke team travelled Poplar Road; eleven happy players who were only available Saturday now having the chance to play.

The Stoke contingent were all on time, the remainder with one exception had a few traffic issues, so by default we got the outcome we wanted at the toss as we wouldn’t have had enough to take the field.

Thomas Dennis took strike with debutant Azam Ahmed, the latter hastily changing in the car before running out to the middle. Sadly he was back just as quickly as he steered the first ball he faced to slip.

Dennis invested good time getting himself in on a sluggish pitch; No.3 Ali Khan played some nice shots and Stoke were well placed at 62 for 1 despite Khan then falling for a nice 21. One Khan was replaced by another, Danish K hit the bad ball very hard and a 55 partnership of which he scored 44 kept the rate around four per over.

Stoke then had a bit of a wobble. Harris was well caught trying to hit over the top, Umair Anis was caught low down; then Dennis was bowled by home skipper Lambert, (9-1-27-3), for a well-constructed 47. Repair work needed at 134 for 6.

Debutant Saleem Mohammed and official captain Ralph Coleman calmed things down. The former struck the ball the ball the cleanly, the latter less so but a 47 partnership nine overs brought an early declaration back into play, time called after 42 overs on 198 for 7 a few minutes after Coleman’s dismissal with Mohammed unbeaten on 43 and debutant Michael Rossi hitting a nice four.

After an excellent tea Stoke had an hour and a half plus the mandatory last 20 overs to get the job done. Raja Singh and Richie Parrett gave Stoke control of the match with five early wickets.

Singh took out No.2 and No.3 courtesy of a great catch by keeper Mohammed and a nice in-ducker; Parrett took his 250th career wicket for the Club when he found the other opener’s edge; and given one last over before giving other bowlers a chance, Singh made full use of it and castled two more to finish with a Stoke career best of 5-2-10-4.

Harris and Rossi were an effective slow bowling combination. They took a wicket each to make it 52 for 7; and a wicket for Anis in the last over before drinks had the locals, including Ryan Patel who popped in to have a look at proceedings, mulling over what might have been.

However, this was a timed game so Stoke still needed to get the job done. 14-year-old Wyke showed a temperament way beyond his years. In partnership with veteran Mills they ticked off over by over. The pies were smashed to the boundary or blocked appropriately and the pair doubled the score as overs started to run out.

The atmosphere on the pitch was certainly different to the one before drinks; plenty of ‘advice’ on field placements and bowling options was put forward; but Stoke’s skipper had another ace up his sleeve. Dennis was thrown the ball and bowled very quickly.

He got one through Wyke for a fine 52 off the last ball of his second over, and off the first ball of his next he shattered Lambert’s stumps to complete an 86 run win with 5.5 overs to spare. Mills, (10 not out), had gutsed it out for 47 deliveries.

Thanks to Old Ruts for offering us the fixture, a great tea and supplying an umpire. Apologies for the punctuality issues. Players on both sides had fun and hopefully we can repeat this sort of fixture in the future.

As availability starts to thin out we will see how we go week to week. If you want to keep playing, please advise ASAP as fixtures are very difficult to secure this time of year.

Scorecard : https://sdacc.play-cricket.com/website/results/3708742

Bowled Out by a Stoker

This week’s “Ask Steven” feature on CricInfo saw one follower ask:

Which bowler has the best record of hitting the stumps, given a large amount of wickets?

The answer was:

Of the 181 bowlers who have so far taken 100 or more Test wickets, the two with the highest percentage of bowled dismissals are the 19th-century England pair of George Lohmann, with 51 out of 112, or 45.53% bowled, and Johnny Briggs, with 52 out of 118, (44.06%)

Next comes the first post-war bowler, Australia’s Ray Lindwall, who bowled 97 of his 228 victims (42.54%) – the Australian Charlie “Terror” Turner, (42/101 or 41.58%), and England’s Brian Statham (102/252 or 40.47%), both also bowled more than 40% of their victims.

Bottom of the list is the Indian slow left-arm spinner Pragyan Ojha, who rattled the timbers for only eight of his 113 Test wickets, (7.07%)

Statham is one of only seven men to have bowled more than 100 batsmen in Tests. The others, most of whom played significantly more matches, are Muttiah Muralitharan, (167), Shane Warne, (116), Jimmy Anderson, (104, before the Adelaide Test), Fred Trueman, (103), Waqar Younis, (102), and Wasim Akram, (101)

A look at percentages of ‘bowled’ dismissals by Stokers sees – with a bit of filtering – Bob Willis head our list…

Percentage of Wickets Bowled (Minimum 62 Wickets Taken)
(To generate this screen – you may have to click on it to enlarge it depending on what device you’re reading this on – we put in a minimum number of wickets taken to Bob’s count of 62.)

Bowled Willis

Imagine the prospect of turning out for your club at the weekend and finding him tearing in at you from the Railway End – his Stoke career bowling average was 6.85!

Either side of Bob’s count, a look at the highest percentage of wickets bowled at other milestones would suggest that it was easier to bowl players out in the past than it is now:

10 wickets minimum – L.Strange (pre-war) – 72.73% bowled, the other 27.27% were caught

20 wickets – Syd White (pre-war) – 72.55% bowled, the other 27.45% were caught
At this point Ben Dunjay, (13/22 or 59.09%), appears on the front page, as does Charlotte Elworthy, (22/32 or 68.75%), who is the highest ranked player from the Stoke Molesey Ladies. Nat Sciver bowled 26 of her 49 victims, 53.06%.

30 wickets – At this filter point, Syd White still tops the list, but Charlotte is now second.

40 wickets – Syd again, but two other recent debutants start to move up the list. Ed Ashwell has 43 career wickets for Stoke, 24 if them, (55.81%), have been bowled.

Keegan Weideman Read more

Action Photos from Oxshott

Robbie Parrett was along to cheer on the Sunday XI at the weekend, and took his camera with him. He has sent these in:

Richie Parrett v Oxshott 2017 2
Richie Parrett v Oxshott 2017 1
Richie Parrett v Oxshott 2017 3

Jeremy Connell v Oxshott 2017

Will Thomson v Oxshott 2017

Patrick ONeill v Oxshott 2017

The first three show Richie looking to go past Michael Holding’s count of 249 wickets. He equalled Mikey’s count with an early one but a few near misses meant the day ended in a tie. The tale of the tape is now as follows:

Category / Parrett / Holding
Player Number : 205 / 153
Overs (Balls) : 1473.3 (8841) / 2113.2 (12680)
Maidens : 241 / 459
Runs : 6039 / 5898
Wickets : 249 / 249
Average : 24.25 / 23.68
Best Bowling : 6-4 / 8-92
Strike Rate : 35.51 / 50.92
Economy Rate : 4.10 / 2.79

Parrett – http://sdacc.play-cricket.com/website/player_stats_widget/bowling_stats/117251?rule_type_id=179
Holding – http://www.espncricinfo.com/westindies/content/player/52063.html

We think Mikey has you covered, Richie, but you do have him on strike rate!

We’ll leave readers of this to compare and contrast the respective approaches to the wicket and actions of these two fine bowlers.

Also featured are Jez Connell, (newly dubbed the “Surbiton Express” by said photographer), who has an uncannily similar take off to former England player Barry Wood – http://www.espncricinfo.com/england/content/player/22498.html – footage of him in the first minute of this link for those who need a reminder  –

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BxaH_nLVB0 Read more

Sunday XI win at Oxshott. Paddy Wilson 5 for 23

Sunday 20th August 2017
Stoke D’Abernon 198 for 4 (40 overs)
Maori Oxshott 158 for 9 (40 overs)
Stoke D’Abernon won by 40 runs

Firstly a thanks to Maori Oxshott for flipping this fixture to theirs to give us the chance of an additional home Sunday fixture. Excellent hospitality as always, and a fun game where both sides played to a finish despite some pretty horrible rain for the last section of the chase.

Will Thomson skippered and continued his formidable record with the coin. Stoke batted first in this 40 over match. Malcolm Dickson and Moumer Khara made good progress from one end; at the other, youngster Edgar-Gibson showed a lot of promise. The result was 37 from the first five overs, although they were pegged back a little by change bowlers, (both former Stokers), Green and Depree.

The partnership reached 81 by the last ball of the 16th over that saw Khara given leg-before for 48. He faced 55 balls for his runs and hit six fours and two sixes.

Dickson’s first two scoring shots were fours and he also hit a maximum of his own; but he and No.3 Neil Foster had to do lot of running due to a lush outfield. The pair added another 76 in 15 overs; Dickson reaching his 30th score of 50 or more for the Club before being stumped for 52 from 80 balls faced.

Foster was the most fluent of the batsmen, hitting six fours and a six in his 56, his highest score for Stoke. Like Dickson he fell to a stumping, although he was the latest to fall victim to one of Hansom’s deliveries that came out of the heavens.

Stephen Finch and Rod Thomson pushed the total towards the 200-mark in the closing overs. Each hit two fours in making 19 and 14 not out respectively, the former holing out in the final over leaving Jeremy Connell a watching brief for the last couple of balls from the non-striker’s end. Stoke closed on 198 for 4.

Anything around 200 can often be made to look a low score with such a small playing area, but Stoke made a good start; Adrian Mills and Richie Parrett conceding just 14 runs in the first six overs between them, Parrett collecting his 249th career wicket along the way when he castled Crooks. A 250th proved elusive – the nearest to it was a filthy long hop resulting in a chance that was probably more runs saved than a dropped chance.

Then followed a passage of play that was all Oxshott, or rather all one Oxshott player. No.3 Ryan moved the scoreboard at a rapid rate, hitting 83 of the next 94 runs scored to the drinks interval, (in one section he faced 17 of the 18 balls bowled and made 27 out of 29.)

At the half-way mark, Oxshott had exactly half of Stoke’s total with nine wickets left. The other opener Patel had made just 10 although he had a low share of the strike.

Things turned in Stoke’s favour two balls after the re-start when Will Thomson brought himself on. He started with a couple of loose half-trackers; the first was missed, the second mis-pulled by Ryan to Dickson at mid-wicket for 83 from 61. (13×4) After his initial difficulty scoring his runs, Patel moved quickly from 10 to 22 but was castled by the same bowler. 117-4.

Stoke still had a couple of problems to solve to secure the win, notably No.5 Green, but nearly all but one of the solutions were supplied in a spell of two halves from Paddy Wilson who took a wicket in his first over, coughed up 16 runs in the next nine balls he sent down, (all of them to Gavin Harper), but then completed his second career 5-for for the Club in the space of 25 balls for the concession of just four runs.

Connell took a good catch over his head for the first, Green was bowled and Harper cut to point where Khara casually did the rest. Edgar-Gibson steered one to Finch at slip to complete his nap hand. Wilson’s wickets sandwiched a third for Will Thomson, (8-1-22-3), off the last ball of his allocation, well held by Dad at mid-off to account for Depree.

As batting conditions moved from the difficult to the virtually impossible, last pair Khan and Hansom batted out the last couple of overs to close 40 runs short on 158 for 9. Wilson led the players off with final figures of 8-2-23-5.

Paddy Wilson v Oxshott 2017

Credit to both sides for playing through some pretty horrible weather to complete the second innings. It was nice to see a bit of away support; notably from Robbie and Francis Parrett, (the former has sent some action shots that will appear later), Fergal O’Neill and Ollie John. Nice chats were also held with Henry Thorpe and Steve Saker, the subject matter mainly about each Club’s prospective final League positions come the 2nd September.

Next week there is a TBA in the fixture card – we always do this to make sure we have enough to play a Bank Holiday fixture – we will source one if there is sufficient availability. Let you know who know if you can play ASAP.

Scorecard : http://sdacc.play-cricket.com/website/results/2917896

Sunday XI Complete Bank Job

Sunday 13th August 2017
Bank of England 158 all out (39 overs)
Stoke D’Abernon 159 for 8 (30.2 overs)
Stoke D’Abernon won by 2 wickets

By Thursday morning this match looked highly unlikely as a succession of injuries, other withdrawals and an alarming absence of regulars left us with just four players and a reluctant fifth. Our thanks to Bank of England CC for giving us enough time to have another ring-around – miraculously an XI was completed and we kept one of our best Sunday fixtures alive.

All the effort and stress was worthwhile as the sides played out a close game.

As we all know dealing with banks is always a challenge, and Stoke were presented with a new one in the form of getting a toss done. It was their young home skipper’s first game as captain and none of the senior players wanted to take the honour away from him, despite him arriving one minute before the scheduled 2.30pm start time. He then chose to bat on winning the toss and the Stoke players hurriedly changed having expected to be batting first when listening to the pre-toss discussions. We eventually started at 2.45pm.

Stoke did their best to keep the over-rate good but the blue ‘wide lines’ painted on the pitch that was used in the previous day’s league match were more than used as a guide by a home umpire who was very strict – for both sides – on anything going through outside of them. Each side was called for 15 wides, add in two no-balls from the BofE bowlers when it was their turn and the match would only have had 71 overs had it gone the distance.

Richie Parrett bowled eight off the reel at the start, a spell that saw Hussain clip lazily to Ralph Coleman at square leg where the ball lodged somewhere. Parrett Jnr completed a good spell of 8-2-12-2 with the wicket of Andrews who liked to run on the shot but gave it the charge once too often.

Andrews’ dismissal came with the score on 46, (extras chipping in), but the total was also due to a nicely constructed innings from League player Goodwin who made 44 before pulling a ball from Freddie Whichello onto his stumps. Whichello was one of two players sourced by Adam De Swardt who himself was in Cobham house-sitting and enquired about the possibility of a game this week.

Somerville, (26), and O’Brien, (32), played positively to take the total past the 100 mark, but both were back in the pavilion by the time the board showed 134; both wickets to Coleman courtesy of catches by Robbie Parrett at backward point and Jeremy Connell who kindly agreed to keep. Coleman, (5-1-14-3), also bowled Milligan for a duck after one of a succession of full deliveries squeezed under the bat.

Stoke were then left with a conundrum: open the game up or continue to squeeze knowing BofE are notorious for batting on too long. They got an appropriate score to chase more by luck than judgement. De Swardt bowled a tidy four over spell, after which opportunities were given to more bowlers who all did well. Faizan Mirza took two wickets in his first over when Jackson and Dilshad both slashed at wide deliveries but only succeeded in edging to Connell; De Swardt effected the direct hit run-out of Soofi after he was called through for a suicidal single.

Robbie Parrett tried some leg-spin that was remarkably good, (although the plan was to get a few more runs to chase so weirdly he didn’t bowl to plan), and he closed the innings on 158 after 39 overs when Sivaraman hacked across the line and was leg-before.

Tea, and a not particularly prompt start afterwards, left Stoke with the prospect of only 45 minutes plus the mandatory last 20 overs. Agreement was reached to put the last hour back to 6.45pm, and had the game gone the distance Stoke would have eventually had just 32 overs back.

The chase started well, though, as Moumer Khara and Mirza got bat on what balls they could reach. Ten wides and a no-ball were sent down by opening bowler Dhami, and he then, (kind of), did Stoke a favour by getting the wicket of Mirza, earning himself another couple of overs, (one of his earlier sets lasted eleven balls.)

37 for 1 in the 10th and Robbie Parrett finished that over with two 2s and a nice four through square. Sadly he pulled the next ball he faced two overs later onto the stumps in a near identical dismissal to that of Goodwin in the first innings.

No.4 Talatsahid “Tim” Babi, another player sourced by De Swardt, joined Khara and the board started ticking in Stoke’s favour. Babi hit some nice shots in his knock of 21 from 19 balls, his dismissal was one of two in successive deliveries as Connell was unable to clear the man on the circle. 85 for 4.

Next to join Khara was De Swardt. The pair added 51 runs in just over seven overs to keep Stoke ahead of the asking rate. Khara reached fifty with an all-run four, and clearly short of oxygen he was run-out soon after for 51 from 79 balls when he failed to run his bat in.

De Swardt was scoring runs at the effective rate but was starting to lose partners. Khara’s wicket fell with the score on 136, (leaving 23 needed off 43 balls), but further wickets fell at the other end on 140-6, 143-7 and 151-8 to leave him with just No.10 and No.11 for company, the former being Richie Parrett.

A De Swardt four and a single got Stoke to the brink, but keen to keep the strike he turned down runs, (plural), when Parrett Jnr carved one over backward point – a two to tie the scores and keep De Swardt on strike for the next over was possible in hindsight, but a dot ball was recorded in the scorebook as the batsmen ended up having talk about whether to run in the middle of the pitch whilst the fielder chased the ball to the boundary.

Nerves were the tested further as De Swardt then took a single off the first ball of the penultimate over with two still needed. Clearly enjoying his batting this year, Parrett tried a repeat of the shot he played off the previous ball he faced, this time it ended up going somewhere over two fielders on the leg-side and the batsmen ran through to complete a two wicket victory with 10 balls to spare at gone 8pm.

Never in doubt!

Again a massive vote of thanks to those who made this game possible; notably De Swardt who we allowed to look at the Australia Cup he won on our return to HQ, (he missed last year’s awards.)

We have a blank in the fixture card next Sunday, but we will try and source a fixture appropriate to the availabilities we get in. (Hint!)

Scorecard : http://sdacc.play-cricket.com/website/results/2889366