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Surrey OSCAs – JT Wins, Pagie Shortlisted

A great day off the pitch for the Club on Sunday as two of our finest made shortlists for an Outstanding Services to Cricket Award.

The OSCAs recognise the hard work thousands of volunteers across Surrey put into the recreational game. An OSCA nomination is a great way for the Surrey Cricket Foundation to say thank you to your volunteers.

Nominees and nominators were invited to attend an event at the Kia Oval on Sunday 18th August on Day 1 of Surrey’s County Championship fixture against Hampshire, and we had success in two categories; details below with a background to each nomination.

Young Volunteer 19-25
James joined the club 15 years ago as an Under 9. He progressed through the colts into senior cricket. He was appointed 1st XI skipper in 2016 at the age of 21, leading the team to three successive promotions from Div 5 to Div 2 in the Surrey Championship. He qualified as a Level 2 coach at the age of 18 and he works tirelessly to ensure that the club has an inclusive environment for all ages, levels and abilities of cricketers. Friday night training now sees senior players supporting coaches in each age group. James leads this through a weekly duty rota for all senior players to support different coaching sessions. He works with the 2s, 3s and Sunday skippers to ensure that colts are given the opportunity to shine in senior cricket and he was instrumental in organising the recent ‘Stoke Smash’, when team managers and 1s players played a 16 over match in front of 100 enthusiastic colts. He is a Club man to the core and is a role model for the younger colts; constantly coming up with new ideas to improve the way things are done, both on and off the field. His positive energy is infectious.

ANDY PAGE – Final 4 Shortlist
Lifetime Achiever
In 22 years as a member of the club, Andy has made an enormous contribution. As skipper of the first eleven for 6 consecutive years, (2004-2009), he led the transformation of the team from ageing middle aged men to a group of former colts aged 14-18. In doing this, he secured promotion with a team of teenagers from the Fuller’s League to the Surrey Championship, establishing the platform for today’s ‘grow your own players’ policy. At the same time, he skippered the Surrey Trust League team, using it as an additional vehicle for colts development. He subsequently managed the Club’s very successful Ladies team for 5 years, the most famous export being Natalie Sciver. In 2013, he joined forces with the chairman to re-design the clubhouse and make it fit-for-purpose for life inthe Surrey Championship. The Chairman led the fund-raising process and as a practicing chartered surveyor, Andy project-managed the £250,000 build in 2015, refusing to charge the Club for his time. Today, he remains on the Committee in charge of facilities and he continues to play 2s, Sunday and midweek cricket. To many members, he is known as the man who modernised the Club.

Thanks to Drew for the images of JT, (between between Gus Atkinson and Stuart Meaker); and Pagie who was always going to struggle to win because of his age and tenure, (the winner has 62 years’ service to one club under his belt), but our sources say he was incredibly touched and quite emotional. It was a big deal for his family who were also in attendance!

Details of other categories and awards can be found here : https://twitter.com/SurreyCricketFd

Stoke Smash I – the Thoughts of Chairman Drew

What an event!

From Monday to Thursday, the rain was pouring down and the ‘Stoke Smash’ organising committee was contemplating a myriad of actions, including postponement, using the astro pitch for the match and renting a dozen gazebos to keep people dry.

As it turned out, Friday benefitted from the combination of a drying wind, a bit of sun and the legendary rapid-draining characteristics of the Stoke wicket and outfield. By evening we had perfect conditions for what turned out to be a splendid evening of entertainment and fund-raising.

The evening commenced with colts training that finished early at 7pm. At 7.15pm two very courageous Under-11 managers led their teams onto the outfield for the official photo shoot.

Hats off to James Cheeseman and Geoff Vinall for agreeing to do this in front of their children!

Two teams of eight each played an entertaining 48 ball innings and the result could not have been much tighter. Having posted a score of 97 runs, Vinall’s Vampires restricted Cheeseman’s Cheetahs to 91 in a last ball thriller. An account of the game from scorers’ table where Richie and Ralphie just about managed to keep up with things can be viewed here : http://www.stokecc.co.uk/2019/06/16/stoke-smash-match-report/

Throughout the match, the father and son combination of Chris and Toby Tarrant provided a humorous commentary, ensuring that every player was rinsed and praised in equal measure.

Batsmen were compulsorily retired on reaching 20 runs and the crowd witnessed some massive hits from Will Gudgeon, Tom Frost, Oli Slipper and Shawn Dyson, plus excellent fielding displays from Justin Jones and Vinall.

Before, during and after the match, sales were very brisk at the bar, the BBQ, the sweet table and the gin stall. An outstanding effort, with the BBQ and gin sales coming in with good revenue figures.

The real fun and games began at 9pm when the auction kicked off. I never cease to be amazed by the incredible generosity and commitment of Stoke parents whenever we hold a fund-raiser.

There were some excellent prizes, topped by Toby Tarrant’s offer of a tour of Global Radio, (his own Radio X, Capital, Heart, etc), including spending some time with Toby during his morning show. Three parents went head to head for this prize and the bids were effectively trebled when he offered each parent a separate tour for the same bid. Another stunner was the winning bid for the 2019-20 Chelsea shirt, signed by the entire squad. The auction was swiftly followed by the raffle where more money was banked.

The party went on till the early hours of Saturday morning, although our DJ, Fia Tarrant, very sensibly switched off her music at 11pm.

It took our treasurer, Rod Thomson, a couple of days to figure out what we had made. After deducting the cost of bar stocks, and burgers etc, the final number that came in made a healthy dent in the outstanding balance of the loan we are still paying off! This will make a huge difference to the club.

If you want to make further donations, or you were unable to attend and would have donated if you could have click here : https://www.justgiving.com/sdacc/donate/

In addition, or alternatively, you can purchase and personalise kit items via our on-line shop : https://teamwear.nxt-sports.com/shop/stokecc

Why buy clothing and kit off the peg in local sport shops when you can personalise your own? All sales generate a small commission for the Club, too.

Special thanks go to the army of helpers who made this happen. There was a large organising committee, the match-planning being a joint effort between Tim Handel, Geoff Vinall, Ian Hopton, Shawn Dyson and James Cheeseman.

The evening saw Colts parents out in force, working on the BBQ, behind the bar, selling sweets, tidying up etc. There are too many names to mention, but THANK YOU ALL – you made it very special for everyone.

Finally, massive thanks are due to all of our members for making the inaugural ‘Stoke Smash’ a night to remember.

Roll on the next one!


Stoke Smash I – Pictures (1)

The first round of images from last Friday’s inaugural Stoke Smash have hit the Club’s in-box…

riday’s I

We’ll add more as we receive them.

Stay tuned for the thoughts of Chairman Drew on this incredible event!

Best Ever Stoke Bowlers in the Surrey Championship?

So we’re about to start our 11th season in the Surrey Championship, and our first in Division 2 after three successive promotions.

Whilst our progress through the divisions has relied on a combination of batting, bowling, fielding and keeping excellences, not to mention tremendous team spirit and the support network behind the scenes; an article on CricInfo appeared in the off-season penned by Anantha Narayanan who chose to look at the role played by the bowlers in the success of any team. It would be remiss of us not to look at how our bowlers have done in comparison!

Narayanan tested a number of factors; but the one that is most comparable for us is the balance between economy and strike rate.

In the Surrey Championship we play a ‘split format’ of nine limited overs matches and nine timed/declaration/100 over matches.

The 50:50 matches potentially place more of an emphasis on economy rate than strike rate; in the timed/declaration/100 over matches it is arguable that the reverse applies with the need to force a result or dismiss a side as quickly as possible to enable the batting line up to get more overs back; but both factors come into play at various points in each format.

Narayanan’s conclusion was that, statistically, Rashid Khan, Joel Garner and Mitchell Starc were the three best ODI bowlers in history when looking at his various tests. (Minimum 100 ODI wickets.) Not a bad trio.

So using the same ‘economy & strike rate’ methodology, we took a look at our first decade in the Surrey Championship to see how our bowlers compared, and here they all are on a graph. The horizontal axis is strike rate, the vertical economy rate.

You may need to click on this image to enlarge it depending on what device you are reading this on.

To recognise the contribution of all the bowlers used over the last decade – and to get more interested parties looking at this! – a bowler has only had to take a minimum of nine wickets to make it.

The diagonal line is referred to by Narayanan as the ‘Line of Excellence’ – any players to the right of the line have a better combination of economy and strike rate; the further away you go, the better you are statistically.

Good news for Captain Trower is that all the bowlers expected to feature for him this year appear above the line. Dare we suggest that our best ever five man attack would be Douthwaite, Miller, Dyson, Spreeth and Zander? Not a bad combination – but of course only one of Miller and Dyson would be eligible to play at any one time; so who would you choose in place of one of those two, or indeed who would be your best ever Stoke bowlers in the Surrey Championship?

Let the debate – and the banter – begin!

For the record, here are the bowlers’ stats from 2009 to 2018 inclusive : 1st XI Runs Per Over Strike Rate and Average 2009 to 2018

(We’ll run Narayanan’s ‘economy & strike rate’ methodology against Stoke’s all-time leading wicket-takers and publish a separate article, but for now we’ll let you – and opposing batsmen agonising the prospect of facing any of our excellent bowlers – digest this one first!)