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Career Runs in Sixes

Mr Handel from Cobham contacted the Club to ask what proportion of runs he and his peers have made in 6s. In some rare down-time over the Christmas period we’ve now managed to put a couple of things together that we hope answers his query.

Of the players that played in 2018, here are the percentages of their career runs for the Club in sixes. To make this list you must have hit a minimum of eight career sixes and scored a minimum of 150 runs for the Club:

31.58% Robbie Blackburn
26.32% Ed Ashwell
18.99% Tim Handel
18.29% Shawn Dyson
18.13% Toby Tarrant
14.46% Justin Jones
14.28% Will Gudgeon
11.23% Andy Berry
10.82% Alex Bond
10.38% Carel Ferreira
10.16% James Whitmarsh
9.52% Moumer Khara
8.41% Alistair Curran
8.28% Jeremy Connell
6.95% Ian Hopton
6.68% Adrian Taylor
6.63% Will Thomson
6.36% Jase Earl
5.80% Tom Frost
5.03% Amy Page
4.81% Stephen Finch
4.25% Andy Page
4.17% Chris Finch
4.04% Rod Thomson
3.45% Steve Wade
3.09% Alistair McMillan
3.04% James Trower
1.70% Malcolm Dickson
1.54% Jack Raimondo

Looking at the wider list of all Stoke players, here are some notable others – some familiar names appear near the top; three of them would have made the top of the above list.

The 2018 list has eleven players who have scored more than 10% of their runs in sixes; so this is the additional qualification for the all-time list below, (in addition to the same minimum 8×6/minimum 150 career runs that is in use); six people have hit more than a quarter of their career runs in 6s:

Jerry Hinds : 154 career runs (50.65% in 6s)
Greg Routley : 1443 (34.92%)
Josh Carew : 184 (32.61%)
John Crisp : 868 (29.03%)
Johnny Lawes : 1774 (26.38%)
Eugene Ford : 673 (25.85%)
Jeremy Beckwith : 353 (23.80%)
Marcus Mahne : 263 (22.81%)
Tim Parminter : 311 (21.22%)
Stephen Anderson : 799 (19.52%)
Roger Bowman : 1023 (17.01%)
Paddy Engelen : 344 (15.70%)
David Laing : 552 (14.13%)
Dan Douthwaite : 1718 (13.62%)
Roy Johns : 7207 (12.74%)
Frank Moore : 2835 (12.70%)
Matt Gottschalk : 2607 (12.66%)
Tom Oliver : 1051 (12.56%)
Mike Carty : 677 (12.41%)
Mickey Humphries : 1654 (12.33%)
Tim Goodman : 446 (12.11%)
Simon Birch : 1294 (12.06%)
John Price : 1025 (11.71%)
Navid Hussain : 2428 (11.61%)
Peter Higgs : 7140 (11.09%)
Baz Medlycott : 868 (11.06%)
John Davies : 1366 (10.98%)
Neil McEvoy : 550 (10.91%)
Jack Massey : 1612 (10.79%)
E Ledger : 898 (10.69%)
Steve Bowman : 4901 (10.53%)
Ian Tyrell : 855 (10.53%)
Gavin Johns : 2637 (10.01%)

The list of all-time leading six-hitters for the Club can be found here : http://www.stokecc.co.uk/sixes/

Highest Career Strike Rates for Stokers

This week’s “Ask Steven” column on CricInfo had a question raised about Strike Rates.

Highest ODI Strike Rates - CricInfo

Looking at our own stats, to the end of the 2017 season 74 Stokers have scored more than 2000 runs for the Club…only three have a career Strike Rate of over 100.00:

Navid Hussain : 110.01 (2428 career runs)
Tim Handel : 105.76 (4559)
Frank Moore : 101.25 (2835)

The full table is here : SDCC Strike Rates (Min 2000 Runs) All Time

A couple of disclaimers, though : Play Cricket only carries strike rates where the number of balls faced are entered on to a scorecard, and the system applies that as an overall career strike rate; so in the old days when this wasn’t such a well-kept stat in scorebooks, sometimes players only had a ‘balls faced’ entered where it could be worked out that they were out in, say, the early overs of a match, or we could see they were dismissed early when it could be seen in the scorebook that wickets fell in quick succession.

Two players to suffer from this glitch are Dave Willis and Ian Lipscombe who certainly would not have accumulated the runs they did for the club at strike rates of less than 15 runs per 100 balls! (Sorry, boys!)

Adrian Black and Ollie Hood have no scorecards with balls faced against their names so appear at the bottom of the list. Adrian’s numbers would have been interesting as he had the potential to score his runs quickly, although he was also very patient when the match situation dictated; so we are confident that the Navid, Timmy and Frank are the only three. (The biggest beneficiary of the glitch is Neal Heaton who has a recorded strike rate of 475.00!)

Some more realistic numbers for players who have some amazing strike rates in shorter careers are Jeremy Beckwith who took time out from umpiring our Saturday 1st XI matches to bludgeon his Sunday runs for us at 215.00 runs per 100 balls; Greg Routley, (1443 runs / 131.69 strike rate – inc 84 sixes), Johnny Lawes, (1774 / 128.90), Andy Berry, (1030 / 102.53) and Roger Bowman, (1023 / 140.00), have all scored more than 1000 runs at better than a run-a-ball.

Jerry Hinds, (150.98), and Anthony Alleyne, (139.86), are two others who scored very quickly in a handful of competitive games; and in his one season so far Shawn Dyson has scored his runs at 113.97. Ed Ashwell currently has a career strike rate of 125.56.

Stephen Anderson Read more

Routley Jnr at the MCG

Stoke representation at the Melbourne Test in the form of Hayden Routley, (son of one of our all-time leading six-hitters Greg), who was playing “Milo Cricket” on the outfield at the interval. (http://playcricket.com.au/learn/in2cricket)

Routley Jnr at the MCG 2

A reminder that Hayden was born in the UK, so he’s ours if he shows any signs of emulating Alastair Cook’s efforts!

Video and pictures available here:


https://www.facebook.com/100013811531375/videos/pcb.379594952510886/379594769177571/?type=3&theater Read more

Lowest Career Averages to Contain a Century

In last week’s “Ask Steven” section on CricInfo “Irfan” from Pakistan asked:

I noticed that Ajit Agarkar has a Test batting average of 16.79 despite having a century to his name. Is this the lowest Test batting average to include a century?

Steven replied:

The Indian fast bowler turned Cricinfo pundit Ajit Agarkar might be relieved to learn that he comes in quite a way down this particular list. Agarkar’s hundred came at Lord’s, no less, in 2002; his next highest score was 48. There are eight players with lower batting averages who also scored a Test century, one of them a current player, the Zimbabwe captain Graeme Cremer, (16.27.)

Top of the list is someone who might also yet reappear in Test cricket. The West Indian fast bowler Jerome Taylor averages only 12.96 despite having slammed 106 against New Zealand in Dunedin in 2008-09. Taylor’s 106 that day is exactly double his next highest score.

The other Test centurions with a lower batting average than Agarkar’s 16.79 can be seen here : http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/stats/index.html?class=1;filter=advanced;orderby=batting_average;orderbyad=reverse;qualmin1=1;qualval1=hundreds;template=results;type=batting

In a bored moment this got SDCC thinking and we looked at all our centurions, (now up to 81 after Alastair Curran, Ishan Mulchandani and Reino Grobler got themselves on our hundreds board this year – http://www.stokecc.co.uk/centuries/), to see how we compared.

In fairness to our boys, though, we only play single innings cricket and are more likely to damage our averages in the pursuit of quick runs towards the end of an innings; plus some others have also made a number of low scores as juniors when making their first steps into adult cricket; so we’ll compare our stats against the International ODI list rather than the Test list in the ‘Ask Steven’ feature. (We can’t do a T20 comparison as no Stoker has made a century in T20 cricket yet!)

The full list of 81 Stokers with a century to their name, (the eighteen players who played in 2017 are highlighted), and their career averages can be viewed here :

Career Averages for All Stoke Centurions to the end of the 2017 season Read more

My Greatest XI : Peter Phipps

We haven’t had one of these for a while, so here we go with this addition to series. (Link to them all here : http://www.stokecc.co.uk/my-greatest-xi/)

Club Secretary Phippsy lets talks us know his Greatest Stoke XI since joining us in 2008…

1. Jack Raimondo
I had the pleasure of batting with Jack on a few occasions, not very long mind you, and then watching him when umpiring. Very talented and great skills. Seen him really determined. OK it was in a 2s game last season away at Chertsey, but he was class. (This commentary provided before the recent game at Sinjuns.)
Jack Raimondo by MHS

2. Andy Page
Well, a warrior. Saw him at tea at Ripley last season after his ton. Exhausted, but an over 50 League ton. (Scorecard : http://sdacc.play-cricket.com/website/results/2804454) Still great. In a fight. Have on my side please.
Pagie v Ripley 2016 Team

3. Gavin Gresse
In the Gottschalk 2s years I batted with and watched him bat on a few occasions. Just liked his technique. Classical and chippy.
Gavin Gresse

4. James Trower
One of the best straight drivers I have seen, and promotion skipper! Got to find a place for JT!
James Trower

5. Johnny Lawes
Mr.Cricket for me. I watched his brutal ton to win a game at Sinjuns, (http://sdacc.play-cricket.com/website/results/1608657), and he was awesome. Also a game at Walcountians where I ‘survived’ for 15 overs against what I thought was tricky bowling. Johnny comes in and hits 65 not out and destroyed them. Brilliant. (Card : http://sdacc.play-cricket.com/website/results/1608630)
Lawes and Lawes

6. Jason Earl
Skip. The finisher. In a rut and he toughs it out. 1s and 2s. Always tries to win when we should draw. On his day can be a game winning bowler too.
Working Party 4 Jet Wash Jase

7. Matt Gottschalk
Skip for promotions. I can never hit his darts off the square and his batting can be destructive.
Matt Gottschalk Batting by MHS

8. Greg Routley
Always fun, great arm, and could hit the ball a long way. Won a fair few games or got 0.
Greg Shirt Presentation 1

9. Alex Bond
Underrated with the bat. That knock v Dorking to try and save us from relegation a couple of seasons back was one of the best I have seen. 64 and nearly nearly did it, (Card :

http://sdacc.play-cricket.com/website/results/2179207 Read more

MCCU Watch

Yesterday the 2017 domestic season kicked off, (on British soil – the thrilling Champion County match was already in progress), and some players who have faced Stoke in the past were in action:

Glamorgan v Cardiff MCCU

Kamau Leverock, (http://www.espncricinfo.com/mcc-university-matches-2017/content/player/364148.html), faced Stoke twice in 2012, once playing 1s League cricket for Dorking, and a few weeks later he was brought along as a ringer in Newdigate’s Sunday Social XI. He fell to a great catch on the line by Greg for a duck off the bowling of Nico, (in just his third appearance for Stoke), in a match that Jase and Malc will also look back on with a grin: http://sdacc.play-cricket.com/website/results/535683

Also in the Cardiff MCCU side is Jack Scriven, (

http://cranleigh.play-cricket.com/website/player_stats_widget/batting_stats/102643?rule_type_id=179 Read more

Greg in Successful Run Chase

A welcome win for Greg’s new club back home, (click here for scorecard : Dandenong West v Hallam Kalora Park January 2017), and he’s kindly taken time out from the post-match celebrations to give us an interview:

SDCC : What a What a win! Did you chase them down with overs to spare?

GR : Had to chase them down in 31. So a couple of overs to spare. The opponents needed an outright win to make the finals. Finally a win with the new club!

SDCC : Sounded like a good game – other Stokers who have played in these 2-dayers say things can get farcical on the second day if the first innings lead is secured and there is no prospect of a result. Were your runs all in boundaries?

GR : Pretty much. The 4 in the first innings was just a boundary and, the 8 in second included a six on to the railway!!! Sound familiar? Got a finish after a big opening stand in the second innings!

Finding it hard to get used to the turf pitchers over here. Not as quick. The ball seems to hold the in wicket a lot more than in the UK. I can see why Jase developed a good cut shot! Need to work on that as the bowling is all pretty short.

SDCC : Nice that you’ve found a railway to target like you had at Stoke!

GR : It was at the opposition ground so couldn’t help myself. No sightscreens at the ground either so very different. Bizarre to bat twice in one day too!!!

SDCC : We saw that. There was some cruel suggestion that you were sent in as a nightwatchman last week…though we couldn’t think of a less suitable candidate for the role!

GR : No, they were trying to hide me but the top order fell to pieces in the first innings.

SDCC : Back to Stoke, we presume saw that despite being right up there in the all-time six hitting list, (see graphic below), you still haven’t made Dom Morley’s Greatest XI…but you made the squad…and Jase is now a Pom?

GR : Saw I made the squads but not the final eleven. Yep, saw Jase got the Pom nationalisation too…as long as he is making and taking them for Stoke mate all for the greater good I reckon. I’ll send a Greatest Stoke – I’ll do one of the guys I played with – by the end of the week mate.

Stay tuned to see what Greg comes up with, folks. Meantime, here is the list of all-time leading six-hitter for the Club!!!

Click to enlarge image


Stokers in Action Around the World

With a cold snap in the UK, here is a round-up of how some Stokers are currently getting on in warmer climates…

Anthony was back in domestic action yesterday, hitting a quick 20 in an opening stand that helped Barbados set up a formidable 50-over total of 302 against Guyana, who – without Shiv Chanderpaul selected in their XI – were well beaten.

Anthony keeps good company these days. The other ten members of the Barbados XI have all played for the West Indies; eight of the ten have played Tests – including current captain Jason Holder – the other two have played ODIs and T20Is leaving Anthony, (U19 World Cup appearances only), as the only uncapped player.

Scorecard : http://www.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/match/1078123.html
Match Twitter Feed : https://twitter.com/hashtag/BARvGUY?src=hash

A decent Barbados XI, but perhaps not as handy as this one rated by Derek Pringle in a recent edition of The Cricket Paper : http://www.thecricketpaper.com/news/club-cricket/2251/big-bird-was-a-true-legend-and-his-barbados-boys-are-still-the-best/ – remember to order your subscription, (postal or digital), through the link on the Stoke web-site to earn the Club cash.

If you’re in “Greatest XI” mode, remember to send yours in to stokecc@hotmail.com – another one has come in this week and we’ll publish it soon.

Meanwhile Down Under, Greg was not out at the end of the first day of his latest match so he will resume this coming weekend with a bit of work to do to get his team a 1st innings lead.

Scorecard :

http://hallamkpcc.vic.cricket.com.au/common/pages/public/rv/match.aspx?locx=MATCH&matchID=2352345 Read more

Follow Greg’s progress back home

“Very different back here…a lot more short bowling and not a lot of half-volleys.”

That’s the verdict from Greg Routley having recently returned to competitive action following a brief sabbatical from the game. Turning out for the Hallam Kalora Park Cricket Club, here are his matches so far:


http://hallamkpcc.vic.cricket.com.au/common/pages/public/rv/match.aspx?locx=MATCH&matchID=2352317 Read more