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Sunday 26th Round Up – Double Win!

Excellent availability meant that whilst other clubs advertised for fixtures as their opponents had cried off towards the end of the week, we raised a second side after an unexpected sequence of events on the Thursday evening.

Home Friendly
Cheam 137 all out (33 overs)
Stoke D’Abernon 138 for 5 (35.2 overs)
Stoke D’Abernon won by 5 wickets Read more

2nd XI lose to Merstham

Saturday 17th August 2019
AJ Fordham Surrey Championship – 2nd XI competition
Merstham 2nd XI 227 for 7 (50 overs)
Stoke D’Abernon 2nd XI 169 all out (43.4 overs)
Merstham 2nd XI won by 58 runs

Stoke’s 2nd XI suffered another defeat, and victory for Ripley over Purley leaves them facing the grim prospect of a second successive relegation. Read more

Sunday Round Up – One Win, One Loss

Sunday 11th August 2019

The week started with excellent availability to source a second fixture. The traditional number of drop outs, including four on the Saturday, one at 10.30pm and another tried to bail on the Sunday morning but was turned around, made for a bit of a late scramble but 21 players helped make two games; each side posting a similar score but with a different result. Read more

Sunday XI back to Winning Ways

Sunday 21st July 2019
Stoke D’Abernon 206 for 6 (40 overs)
Wonersh 117 all out (29.2 overs)
Stoke D’Abernon won by 89 runs

Stoke’s Sunday XI were back to winning ways after last week’s narrow defeat. Wonersh were the successful applicants in response to our advert and they brought a friendly bunch of guys plus an umpire and scorer. Read more

Narrow defeat for the Sunday XI

Sunday 14th July 2019
HJM CC 215 for 7 (40 overs)
Stoke D’Abernon 213 all out (39.5 overs)
HJM CC won by 2 runs

While England and New Zealand served up a rather dull affair at Lord’s, two sides, meeting for the first time, fixture only agreed the day before, served up a classic at The Rec that would have been talked about well into the night but for the fact that the teams were still playing at that time.

A quick setting up after the colts fixture saw the visitors choose to bat on winning the toss; Carel Ferreira and Andy Butler did more than OK with the new ball; Butler bumping out Suleman to get Stoke on the board; but were part of a succession of bowlers who suffered bad-ball-an-over-itis as opener Khan and No.3 Singh cashed in on anything loose; racing to 69 before Ed Ashwell took two wickets in a four over burst; Khan, (31), giving Andy Page a second of three catches behind the timbers then Moinak, (15), chipped to mid-wicket where Hassan Dahir Jnr took a good running catch. 116 for 4.

A far too late decision to take pace off the ball slowed the scoring; Dahir Jnr and Harry Nawaz Snr shared 14 overs at a personal combined cost of just 45; Dad picking up Nadeem caught at the wicket standing up and Singh for 51, well held on the line by Hamza Hafeez the ball after reaching his half-century. With better support in the field Dahir Jnr would have had even better figures than his 7-1-23-0.

As is the way we do things on Sundays opportunities were given to other bowlers in the closing overs. Rod Thomson and Moumer Khara took wickets courtesy of a bowled and another catch on the line by Hafeez respectively; some slightly untidy fielding as the batsmen ran everything, notably from the home captain who basically had a mare all afternoon, saw the innings close on 215 for 7, a few more than he planned for but still very gettable on a good pitch.

After tea Khara and Hafeez dealt in boundaries but were both gone by the mid-point of the sixth over with 20 on the board.

Page played nicely and punished everything loose whilst Thomson dropped anchor. The former was bowled for 21 trying to up the rate with the total on 54; but Stoke were still nicely placed at and just after the drinks break, (extended to watch the last two overs of the World Cup Final); Rob Butler playing some nice shots before checking out on 29 from 22 in the 24th over. 99 for 4.

The plan to hold Ferreira back to take on the change bowlers proved an effective tactic as Stoke caught up with the required run rate. Ferreira scored runs all around the wicket and any dots were drilled straight to fielders; making it to 41 from 26 before the keeper removed his pads, came on to bowl and castled him with a dart. 177 for 5; 39 needed off 38 at this point.

Ashwell worked the same bowler out, and got Stoke ahead with a nice straight six to take the total past 200, (15 now needed off 24), but a disastrous start to the 37th over saw Ashwell run out by the bowler off his own bowling for 11 from 5; and Thomson’s excellent effort – that included a ‘six’ courtesy of four overthrows – ended next ball when he was bowled for 47 off the 104th ball he faced.

Stoke still had some batting left but equally the visitors had some death bowling; notably M.Khan who snicked off Andy Butler, then castled Nawaz, (10), and the captain next ball to close out a 2 run win off the penultimate ball and finish with 7.5-0-31-4.

A great game and no-one would have argued if the result had gone the other way or the teams had tied. We would have needed floodlights for any Super Over, though.

Credit to the opposition who stayed back quite a while after the game despite the near on 9pm finish; few were there to see a comical but ultimately successful bundling of six of them – plus kit bags – into one car and leave. Had there been space for the home captain as well – arguably he was their man of the match – there would have been few objections from the home support who stayed back to watch his horrific effort with the bat, ball and in the field. He lost the toss as well.

So bad news, he’ll probably be back next week. Good news, initial numbers look good for two Sunday games so get your availabilities in and we will source the appropriate number of fixtures.

Scorecard : http://sdacc.play-cricket.com/website/results/3913253

Sunday Round Up – President’s XI win big. Sunday XI lose but have fun at Oxted

Sunday 7th July 2019
With a number of players who wouldn’t normally commit to a Sunday supporting the President’s Day match, to avoid disappointing others who wouldn’t have otherwise got a game, again we raised two sides with another XI going to Oxted & Limpsfield. Contrasting fortunes for the teams but many positives.

Home Friendly
Stoke D’Abernon 233 for 4 declared (36 overs)
Chelsea Nomads 65 all out (37.2 overs)

Stoke D’Abernon won by 168 runs Read more

Career Runs in Sixes

Mr Handel from Cobham contacted the Club to ask what proportion of runs he and his peers have made in 6s. In some rare down-time over the Christmas period we’ve now managed to put a couple of things together that we hope answers his query.

Of the players that played in 2018, here are the percentages of their career runs for the Club in sixes. To make this list you must have hit a minimum of eight career sixes and scored a minimum of 150 runs for the Club:

31.58% Robbie Blackburn
26.32% Ed Ashwell
18.99% Tim Handel
18.29% Shawn Dyson
18.13% Toby Tarrant
14.46% Justin Jones
14.28% Will Gudgeon
11.23% Andy Berry
10.82% Alex Bond
10.38% Carel Ferreira
10.16% James Whitmarsh
9.52% Moumer Khara
8.41% Alistair Curran
8.28% Jeremy Connell
6.95% Ian Hopton
6.68% Adrian Taylor
6.63% Will Thomson
6.36% Jase Earl
5.80% Tom Frost
5.03% Amy Page
4.81% Stephen Finch
4.25% Andy Page
4.17% Chris Finch
4.04% Rod Thomson
3.45% Steve Wade
3.09% Alistair McMillan
3.04% James Trower
1.70% Malcolm Dickson
1.54% Jack Raimondo

Looking at the wider list of all Stoke players, here are some notable others – some familiar names appear near the top; three of them would have made the top of the above list.

The 2018 list has eleven players who have scored more than 10% of their runs in sixes; so this is the additional qualification for the all-time list below, (in addition to the same minimum 8×6/minimum 150 career runs that is in use); six people have hit more than a quarter of their career runs in 6s:

Jerry Hinds : 154 career runs (50.65% in 6s)
Greg Routley : 1443 (34.92%)
Josh Carew : 184 (32.61%)
John Crisp : 868 (29.03%)
Johnny Lawes : 1774 (26.38%)
Eugene Ford : 673 (25.85%)
Jeremy Beckwith : 353 (23.80%)
Marcus Mahne : 263 (22.81%)
Tim Parminter : 311 (21.22%)
Stephen Anderson : 799 (19.52%)
Roger Bowman : 1023 (17.01%)
Paddy Engelen : 344 (15.70%)
David Laing : 552 (14.13%)
Dan Douthwaite : 1718 (13.62%)
Roy Johns : 7207 (12.74%)
Frank Moore : 2835 (12.70%)
Matt Gottschalk : 2607 (12.66%)
Tom Oliver : 1051 (12.56%)
Mike Carty : 677 (12.41%)
Mickey Humphries : 1654 (12.33%)
Tim Goodman : 446 (12.11%)
Simon Birch : 1294 (12.06%)
John Price : 1025 (11.71%)
Navid Hussain : 2428 (11.61%)
Peter Higgs : 7140 (11.09%)
Baz Medlycott : 868 (11.06%)
John Davies : 1366 (10.98%)
Neil McEvoy : 550 (10.91%)
Jack Massey : 1612 (10.79%)
E Ledger : 898 (10.69%)
Steve Bowman : 4901 (10.53%)
Ian Tyrell : 855 (10.53%)
Gavin Johns : 2637 (10.01%)

The list of all-time leading six-hitters for the Club can be found here : http://www.stokecc.co.uk/sixes/

Carel left stranded as Academy learn the hard way

Sunday 22nd July 2018
Surrey Trust League
Godalming 288 for 7 (40 overs)
Stoke D’Abernon 188 all out (29.5 overs)
Godalming won by 100 runs

Whilst the scorecard doesn’t lie a lot of good things could still be taken out of this one and if some of the errors can be ironed out between now and the return fixture on the 5th August hopefully we will see a reversal of this result and progress up the table.

Firstly, Alex Clinton and Thomas Dennis did a great job managing on-field operations for the first time. They were fully supported by the senior players, and they took on the help and advice when appropriate. Their only blemish was an incorrect call at the toss that committed the side to 40 overs’ hard labour in the field where the ‘Oval 1976’ looking outfield – look it up on YouTube – gave full value for shots and a lot of long, timely, trips to the neighbouring satellite pitch to retrieve the ball.

Things could have been different had a couple of early chances stuck or been called for. Openers Jones and Cox made full advantage of their lives; adding 120 in 18 overs.

Deepak Malhotra slowed things down from one end, and this allowed Max Dunn to charge in from the over. They took wickets in successive overs when Jones, (62), bottom edged a cut off Dunn to Neil Foster behind the timbers, then Stoke’s gloveman for the day effected smart stumping to account for Cox, (49), a few balls later.

All the bowlers did their best and the unrelenting nature of the outfield made for quick scoring, although Stoke continued to be masters of their own downfall as a number of balls went through fielders on the circle and on the line; and the square-leg, (player), umpire twice observed one member of the Stoke side not walking in and being outside the circle at the point of release. Double-digit runs were scored from those extra deliveries.

The third wicket didn’t fall until the 29th over when Woodgates, (29), served up a catch to Ollie John at mid-on with the total on 192. The successful bowler was Clinton who sent down six overs for just 35 runs despite the batsmen being able to play freely with such a fast start and wickets in hand.

Hamza Hafeez ran one across Baker, (65), then Stoke took a few more quick ones in the closing overs; Clinton two of them – one a nice running catch by Carel Ferreira – to finish with 3 for 35; John effected a direct hit run-out and Dunn, (6-0-26-1), bowled two good death overs.

The only downside to this flurry of wickets was that it brought 1s player Hern to the crease and he smashed the ball to all parts, hitting the last ball of the innings for six to bring up his half-century and close the innings on a formidable total of 288 for 7.

After tea, Stoke went after two very young bowlers but found themselves three down quickly. Hafeez cut what would have been a wide to point in the first over; Moumer Khara clubbed two fours before falling off the last ball of the second; then John – who looked very good during his brief visit – got the ball of the season that drifted in then cut away and bent back his off stump whilst he held the pose for a textbook forward defensive. 28 for 3 after just four overs.

For the next hour the run rate never dipped. Malhotra and Ferreira added 91 runs in less than ten overs to give Godalming a taste of their own medicine. As heads in the field started to drop and the prospect of chasing the score down became a real possibility, Malhotra, (44), fell to a worldy of a catch in the deep. Energised by this the fielding improved; Foster was particularly unlucky to see a number of nice shots go straight to or be well-saved by fielders, and intelligent field placements dried up Ferreira’s boundary count.

Foster and Dunn, (the latter got off the mark with an enormous six), fell just after the drinks break; and the luckless Dennis managed to lose his leg bail off a combination of bat, pad, thigh pad, elbow, boot, you name it.

Ed Ashwell connected with less than he wanted to but entertained a sizeable crowd with a quickfire 14. Sadly Ferreira, having completed a fine half-century, then ran out of partners as Clinton and Sameer Khara fell in successive deliveries to close the innings on 188 after just 29.5 overs – yes, ‘failtobattheoveritis’ returned in a big way and Ferreira may not get a better chance this year to register his first century for the Club. He could be very pleased with his 57 not out, though.

The match was played in a great spirit – it was also nice to catch up with Nigel Churaman and find out how a few of the Godalming boys and girls we used to play against and score with at 1s level; Agge, Milner, Dique, Ross, etc, were getting on – and we hope for a similar fun atmosphere, (but a reversal of the result!), when we meet again on the 5th August.

No cricket at Stoke next Sunday as we’re in lockdown due to the cycling event. All available resource will be pooled into Saturday and we will source an appropriate friendly fixture in addition to our league programme based on who is available and what our strength or otherwise might be if we have numbers. Kevin may have an Over 40s game or two in the pipeline too, so watch this space.

More immediately we also have the all-day game at Claygate on Thursday 26th – availability for that one ASAP, please!

Scorecard : https://sdacc.play-cricket.com/website/results/3346472

Ferreira v Godalming 2018

Highest Career Strike Rates for Stokers

This week’s “Ask Steven” column on CricInfo had a question raised about Strike Rates.

Highest ODI Strike Rates - CricInfo

Looking at our own stats, to the end of the 2017 season 74 Stokers have scored more than 2000 runs for the Club…only three have a career Strike Rate of over 100.00:

Navid Hussain : 110.01 (2428 career runs)
Tim Handel : 105.76 (4559)
Frank Moore : 101.25 (2835)

The full table is here : SDCC Strike Rates (Min 2000 Runs) All Time

A couple of disclaimers, though : Play Cricket only carries strike rates where the number of balls faced are entered on to a scorecard, and the system applies that as an overall career strike rate; so in the old days when this wasn’t such a well-kept stat in scorebooks, sometimes players only had a ‘balls faced’ entered where it could be worked out that they were out in, say, the early overs of a match, or we could see they were dismissed early when it could be seen in the scorebook that wickets fell in quick succession.

Two players to suffer from this glitch are Dave Willis and Ian Lipscombe who certainly would not have accumulated the runs they did for the club at strike rates of less than 15 runs per 100 balls! (Sorry, boys!)

Adrian Black and Ollie Hood have no scorecards with balls faced against their names so appear at the bottom of the list. Adrian’s numbers would have been interesting as he had the potential to score his runs quickly, although he was also very patient when the match situation dictated; so we are confident that the Navid, Timmy and Frank are the only three. (The biggest beneficiary of the glitch is Neal Heaton who has a recorded strike rate of 475.00!)

Some more realistic numbers for players who have some amazing strike rates in shorter careers are Jeremy Beckwith who took time out from umpiring our Saturday 1st XI matches to bludgeon his Sunday runs for us at 215.00 runs per 100 balls; Greg Routley, (1443 runs / 131.69 strike rate – inc 84 sixes), Johnny Lawes, (1774 / 128.90), Andy Berry, (1030 / 102.53) and Roger Bowman, (1023 / 140.00), have all scored more than 1000 runs at better than a run-a-ball.

Jerry Hinds, (150.98), and Anthony Alleyne, (139.86), are two others who scored very quickly in a handful of competitive games; and in his one season so far Shawn Dyson has scored his runs at 113.97. Ed Ashwell currently has a career strike rate of 125.56.

Stephen Anderson Read more