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Feedback from Australia (2)

Further to yesterday’s article, (http://www.stokecc.co.uk/2016/04/28/nice-feedback-from-australia/), Peter Weston has joined the e-mail trail…and called out Keith & Gary from 10,535 miles away:

G’day! Still feel like I could go out and knock up a quick 50 in half an hour or so…NOT!!! Unlike Chris, I know my limitations – the concept of touring South Africa at his age has one inevitable ending…achilles and tears! Read more

Nice Feedback from Australia

We received the following e-mail from Chris Davie who played for us between 1984 and 1987 before returning to Australia…although he also got the odd game in whenever he made a trip to the UK after that:

Congratulations on your comprehensive website. As a player for the Club in 1984-86 when I was living in the UK, and the bloke who introduced Peter Weston and a few other “Shell Aussies” to the Club, I was delighted to read the extracts from the Club history detailing the years in which I played. Read more

Cover Point

With thoughts turning to Alan’s funeral tomorrow, one of many things he did for the membership – before the days of the internet and other instant messaging and social media, (and the  Play Cricket network) – was to produce “Cover Point” – a periodic newsletter that was posted to all members. Read more