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Fantasy Football Latest

A slow news today on the cricket front, so time for some football.

Here is the latest table for the Stoke fantasy league. Matt still leads the way as we approach the hectic Christmas period…

1 Tea & Busquets    Matt Gottschalk    815
2 Dogwood Rovers    Daniel Gluckman    797
3 Mayo Man’s Mutlers    James Trower    758
4 Balotelli-tubbies 2    Patrick Wilson    745
5 Who ate all Depay    Will Thomson    744
6 Mighty Tigers    Jeremy Connell    742
7 Who ate all Depay’s?    Ben Holder    734
8 Morls’ Men    Dom Morley    732
9 Ain’t got a Kalou    Oliver John    728
10 ParkthebusFC    Jack Townsend    713
11 BeastFC    Ben Townsend    685
12 Selection Nightmares    Ralph Coleman    605
13 Malcelona    Malcolm Dickson    551 Read more

Under 19s lose to Sunbury in the Final Over

Tuesday 21st July 2015
Nat West Under 19 T20 Blast
Stoke Slayers 139 for 7 (20 overs)
Sunbury Chieftains 140 for 9 (19.2 overs)
Sunbury won by 1 wicket

Since the tournament’s inception in 2014 Stoke have only lost four of these games, but all of them have been in the last over, and the continuation of this trend leaves qualification for the next phase of the Under 19 T20 Blast potentially coming down to net-run-rate after a defeat to one of the competition’s stronger teams. Read more