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Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in this week’s edition of TCP…

• Derek Pringle on why West Indies’ Kemar Roach could be following in the footsteps of the great Malcolm Marshall.
• All the reaction and analysis from the Test series in the West Indies.
• County News : Interviews with Jimmy Adams, Steve Patterson, Paul Grayson and Mark Stoneman.
• Nick Browne : Essex batsman eyes an opening with England in the summer.
• Adam Collins on why the Aussies have more than a shout in the forthcoming Ashes.
• From the Archives : A look back to the last time England were whitewashed in the Windies, the 1986 tour from hell and their 5-0 drubbing.
• All this and much, much more…

Career Runs in Sixes

Mr Handel from Cobham contacted the Club to ask what proportion of runs he and his peers have made in 6s. In some rare down-time over the Christmas period we’ve now managed to put a couple of things together that we hope answers his query.

Of the players that played in 2018, here are the percentages of their career runs for the Club in sixes. To make this list you must have hit a minimum of eight career sixes and scored a minimum of 150 runs for the Club:

31.58% Robbie Blackburn
26.32% Ed Ashwell
18.99% Tim Handel
18.29% Shawn Dyson
18.13% Toby Tarrant
14.46% Justin Jones
14.28% Will Gudgeon
11.23% Andy Berry
10.82% Alex Bond
10.38% Carel Ferreira
10.16% James Whitmarsh
9.52% Moumer Khara
8.41% Alistair Curran
8.28% Jeremy Connell
6.95% Ian Hopton
6.68% Adrian Taylor
6.63% Will Thomson
6.36% Jase Earl
5.80% Tom Frost
5.03% Amy Page
4.81% Stephen Finch
4.25% Andy Page
4.17% Chris Finch
4.04% Rod Thomson
3.45% Steve Wade
3.09% Alistair McMillan
3.04% James Trower
1.70% Malcolm Dickson
1.54% Jack Raimondo

Looking at the wider list of all Stoke players, here are some notable others – some familiar names appear near the top; three of them would have made the top of the above list.

The 2018 list has eleven players who have scored more than 10% of their runs in sixes; so this is the additional qualification for the all-time list below, (in addition to the same minimum 8×6/minimum 150 career runs that is in use); six people have hit more than a quarter of their career runs in 6s:

Jerry Hinds : 154 career runs (50.65% in 6s)
Greg Routley : 1443 (34.92%)
Josh Carew : 184 (32.61%)
John Crisp : 868 (29.03%)
Johnny Lawes : 1774 (26.38%)
Eugene Ford : 673 (25.85%)
Jeremy Beckwith : 353 (23.80%)
Marcus Mahne : 263 (22.81%)
Tim Parminter : 311 (21.22%)
Stephen Anderson : 799 (19.52%)
Roger Bowman : 1023 (17.01%)
Paddy Engelen : 344 (15.70%)
David Laing : 552 (14.13%)
Dan Douthwaite : 1718 (13.62%)
Roy Johns : 7207 (12.74%)
Frank Moore : 2835 (12.70%)
Matt Gottschalk : 2607 (12.66%)
Tom Oliver : 1051 (12.56%)
Mike Carty : 677 (12.41%)
Mickey Humphries : 1654 (12.33%)
Tim Goodman : 446 (12.11%)
Simon Birch : 1294 (12.06%)
John Price : 1025 (11.71%)
Navid Hussain : 2428 (11.61%)
Peter Higgs : 7140 (11.09%)
Baz Medlycott : 868 (11.06%)
John Davies : 1366 (10.98%)
Neil McEvoy : 550 (10.91%)
Jack Massey : 1612 (10.79%)
E Ledger : 898 (10.69%)
Steve Bowman : 4901 (10.53%)
Ian Tyrell : 855 (10.53%)
Gavin Johns : 2637 (10.01%)

The list of all-time leading six-hitters for the Club can be found here :

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all our Playing & Social Members, Sponsors and those who also follow us on this site, our Twitter feed and our male & female Facebook pages.

The countdown to the 2019 season is underway – indeed the Over 40s have been netting since pretty much the end of last season right up to Christmas. Contact Kev and Timmy for details of the next sessions there.

Let’s start the year with some good news. Congrats to Nat on being voted in the ICC’s T20 Team of the Year. (Full story here : Nat still stays in contact with the Club where it all began for her, and regularly drops us a line to say that she follows the progress of the ladies team from wherever she is in the globe.

If you fancy being part of the next generation of the Stoke Women’s XI, drop us a line and we’ll give you more details. Players of all ages and abilities are welcome!

At junior level, for those looking to get into, (or back into), the game with the World Cup and The Ashes on home soil this year, please consider joining us. Our superb colts programme is run by enthusiastic and passionate age group managers with coaching provided by senior players including the Overseas.

During the season Friday nights are our designated colts evenings. The BBQ will be on and the bar open for parents who want to enjoy a relaxing end to the week in a vibrant social setting.

We are recognised county and country-wide for growing and developing our senior players. Most of the players in our 1st XI originally joined us as colts. Our current captain, James Trower, joined us as an Under 8 and has led us to three successive promotions in the Surrey Championship, Surrey’s premier competition ladder for clubs. Beneath the 1st XI we are always on the look-out for reinforcements so don’t read this and think we’re being elitist and are only interested in 1st XI players. Cricket for everyone, league & social, at Stoke!

If you need any further information about becoming a member, please e-mail and we will put you in touch with the appropriate age group, senior manager, social cricket contact or age group manager.

A warm welcome is guaranteed and we have playing and social members who support all of the Test playing nations so you can expect a banter-filled experience too!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Cobham, Surrey