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A TIE as competive cricket resumes

Saturday 18th July 2020
Whiteley Village 3rd XI 173 for 9 (40 overs)
Stoke D’Abernon 3rd XI 173 all out (39 overs)
Match Tied

While 22 of the ‘League’ players participated in a second pre-League interclub match(*); high player demand for games led to the assembly of a 3rd XI in addition to our Sunday XI. Our good friends from Whiteley Village answered our advertisement and had us over for a game on their satellite pitch whilst their own seniors had a middle practice. Read more

AGM 2020 News

Today’s AGM had a very different feel about it as we all dialled in via Zoom to make sure we held a meeting in time to keep our licence to sell beer! Of course we had some cricket stuff to do, but for many it was the first chance to see a few friendly faces for a while. Read more

AGM – Saturday 4th July 10am – Attend by Zoom or Propose/Nominate/Vote by e-mail

Dear Members

We need to ensure that we comply with the terms of our constitution by holding our AGM on or before the 4th July 2020 so that our licence to sell alcohol is maintained. So, in these troubling times, a Zoom meeting for 10.00am on Saturday July 4th 2020 has been arranged. There are alternative arrangements for those who cannot use Zoom. (See below.) Read more

League Update

On what would have been the first League games of the season the Surrey Championship have issued this notice:

As we have now reached the milestone of what should have been the first day of the 2020 League campaign, we are sending a very different pre-season check-in. We truly hope that first and foremost this update finds you and yours all safe & well. Read more

Surrey Championship 2020 Year Book now on-line

The Surrey Championship Year Book for 2020 has been published and can be viewed on line here : Surrey Championship Yearbook 2020

Stoke’s 2019 season reports are on pages 72 & 73 and 119 & 120 for the 1st and 2nd XI respectively; divisional tables on pages 20 & 23; and averages/season statistical highlights on pages 68 & 69, (1st XI), and 115 & 116, (2nd XI.)

Obviously don’t look at the 2020 fixtures grid for now…

Ingrid Reddick – Sad news but Happy Memories

It is with great sadness that news has come through that one of Life Members Ingrid Reddick passed away in the week. We’re not 100% sure if it was Coronavirus but either way this is a sad loss.

Drew received notice from Ian Nelson, Chairman of the Stoke D’Abernon Residents’ Association that Ingrid passed away on Tuesday with both her daughters at her bedside. Drew has informed the Gudgeons, bearing in mind she used to babysit them when they were growing up – we’ll leave you to interpret if that extended to Chris.

When notifying members of the Club who were very active at the time she ran our bar and assisted with countless other Club tasks between the mid 1990s and the mid-2000s, we have received some lovely tributes. Here is a flavour:

Stephen Finch : “Sad news indeed…Ingrid added something special to our Club and will be remembered fondly by many. What a pity current restrictions prevent us attending her funeral. Our best wishes of course to her family.”

Mike Baker : “She was a great asset to the Club and though she has not been around lately she is and will be missed. Not only did she run a good bar but she also kept us in order when necessary, and sometimes had to put up with some dubious behaviour. She did it all with good grace.”

Andy Page : “Very sad news indeed. Lots of happy memories being told off by Ingrid! What a shame we will no doubt not be allowed to attend her funeral. Rest in peace another Stoke legend.”

Chris Finch : “Very sad to her this…she was a lot of fun.”

Logie Logendran : “How sad…what a dear lady…many thanks for letting us know…will certainly raise a glass or two to salute her.”

Jerry Dharmasena : “Sad news indeed. Many fond memories of Ingrid – a real character. She will be missed by all.”

Malcolm Dickson : “That’s very sad news. Although she’d not been around the Club in recent years, undoubtedly part of our history and an important member of the community. I think one of the last times I remember her behind the bar was helping out at Ron Knox’s wake almost eighteen years ago! She scared the living daylights out of my then girlfriend! What a character!”

Alan Day : “We heard from Ingrid’s daughters that they want to hold some form of get together to celebrate and remember her by although obviously that won’t be for some time yet. It’s nice to see so many familiar names and former batting partners on the mailing list.”

Alistair McMillan : “Sad news & my sympathies to all Ingrid’s family. Hope everyone else is OK.”

Andy Ivory : “…Sad news…Ingrid was just awesome; she scared the life out of us all but she did a great job and is certainly part of the legend. I will raise a glass to her this evening. This Covid-19 is a dreadful affair and I wish everyone well in fending it off…for my part, my wife and step-daughter are both in the direct NHS firing line, which makes me both proud and scared at the same time!”

Rick Mustill, one we have found to have contracted the virus but is thankfully OK – “mild for me to be honest” in his words. “Think we should be planning some sort of social for this year even if the cricket season is pretty much a washout.”

That’s a defo, Rick. We have the 26th July 2020 in the calendar for the Big Reunion but we will confirm in due course if that date is still realistic.

Rest in peace, Ingrid. Hope that any bar you run on the other side is a fun as ours but not as troublesome!

Pre-Season Newsletter from the Chairman

Please read the attached Newsletter from Drew, save the dates mentioned and help where help is needed!

Link : Pre Season Newsletter 2020

The full transcript is here:

Dear Members!

2020 is a particularly special year for our club, marking our 150th anniversary. On the playing field, the club is in excellent health. Last season, the first eleven achieved a fourth successive promotion, reaching the giddy heights of Division One in the Surrey Championship. Our colts section also had much to celebrate across the various age groups, with a good number of juniors playing representative cricket at county level.

Stoke 150 Celebrations.
We have three events planned to mark our 150th anniversary.
• A BBQ after the first senior league matches on Saturday 9th May.
• A repeat of last year’s very successful ‘Stoke Smash’ on Friday 12th June, hosted by our former colt and current 1s player, Toby Tarrant, from Radio X.
• A re-union lunch at the club on Sunday July 26th for retired and current senior players before which David Willis and members of the Willis family will scatter some of Bob’s ashes on the outfield. We will also re-name the clubhouse ‘The Bob Willis Pavilion’

In 2015 we completed the extension and refurbishment of our clubhouse. We raised £250,000 to do this, through a combination of grants, fundraising events and generous donations from members. We will be launching a new project in May to raise funds that will enable us to put bifolding doors at the front of the clubhouse and install an electronic scoreboard in the roof above the entrance. Detailed costings are currently being calculated.

Sponsorship & Donations
The cost of running an amateur cricket club is higher than any other popular outdoor sport. Our square and specialist machinery cost £20,000 a year to maintain. Subscriptions and bar profits cover part of the cost of running our club, but we need to raise another £10,000 each year through sponsorship and grants to ensure that we break even. I ask you all to consider these facts and to offer financial help if you are able to do so. Donations can be made via the Donate button on the first page on our website.

Click here :

Kevin Morgan is looking for volunteers to help with the U9 and U8 age groups. He will also be arranging a managers workshop with Tim Handel by way of pre-season preparation.

Subscriptions & Shirts
Membership forms will be emailed in a couple of weeks. We have made small increases to the annual cost for every category and we have introduced a new Family membership that covers a playing parent and two or more colts. Senior players and colts will receive an e-voucher for a free “Stoke 150” white cricket shirt, on receipt of individual subscriptions.

Thank you for your support.