AGM 2020 News

Today’s AGM had a very different feel about it as we all dialled in via Zoom to make sure we held a meeting in time to keep our licence to sell beer! Of course we had some cricket stuff to do, but for many it was the first chance to see a few friendly faces for a while.

Most of the roles and responsibilities from 2019 remain unchanged; the full list appears on our Play Cricket site and the 2020 Committee is below. All the Vice Presidents due for re-election were given another five year term, and there was one addition to the group, Rod Thomson joining the list of VPs. Congrats to him.

Sadly we’ll be canning many of the events we had planned for the 150th year celebrations; but what a 151st year it is going to be!

In his Treasurer’s report Rod reported that having faced the prospect of a real strain on finances at the scheduled start of the season given world events, things aren’t too bad, due in the main to the generosity of members answering the call to consider paying a sub despite the prospect of having a reduced season or possibly no cricket at all.

The Government announcement now gives us a way forward to start meeting up in person, playing some games and generating a bit of revenue. We will make some plans for next weekend and beyond in the next few days, then publish them here and on our Twitter page @StokeDabernonCC

A real help would be further donations to help service the loan that we took out to extend the Clubhouse; and to get cracking on the next phase of the development. Whatever amount you can spare will help.

Click Here :

One thing that doesn’t require a financial commitment from you and generates the Club FREE MONEY is the EasyFundRaising tool. Details of what to do appear elsewhere on this site, but if you have not already done so, members/members of their family are strongly encouraged to register.

To do this click on either of these links : or

We have recently gone through the £1000 mark for donations generated. A fantastic effort from those signed up so far and who have/will share the link.

Copies of the minutes from this meeting will be available soon when typed up, and anyone wishing to see those and/or a copy of the accounts can e-mail to request them.

Our Committee for 2020
Chairman : Drew Patrick
Treasurer : Rod Thomson
Secretary : Peter Phipps
Welfare & Clubmark : Victoria Cheeseman
Facilities : Andy Page
Grounds : John Vaughan-Davies
Colts : Kevin Morgan
Subs : Helen Morgan
Colts Fixtures : Shannon Clinton
League Rep : VACANCY – please can someone come forward. Support will be given
Club Captain : James Trower
U8 Colts : Euan Briggs and Alan Robertson
U9s : TBC (Kevin Morgan acting)
U10s : Mark Hendricks
U11s : Mark Christie
U12As : Fraser Slater, David Cook, James Cheeseman
U12Bs : Geoff Vinall
U14s & U15s : Kevin Morgan

Hope to see you all in person at the ground for a net and/or beer and some matches when they are arranged.

Cheer Boys, Cheer!