AGM – Saturday 4th July 10am – Attend by Zoom or Propose/Nominate/Vote by e-mail

Dear Members

We need to ensure that we comply with the terms of our constitution by holding our AGM on or before the 4th July 2020 so that our licence to sell alcohol is maintained. So, in these troubling times, a Zoom meeting for 10.00am on Saturday July 4th 2020 has been arranged. There are alternative arrangements for those who cannot use Zoom. (See below.)

The agenda will be very short:
1.Approve previous minutes
2.Approve Treasurer’s report
3.Elect Committee
4.Elect Vice Presidents and Life Members
5.Any Other Business

2020 Committee Roles to be confirmed
Club Secretary
Welfare Officer
Colts Director
Membership Secretary
Colts Membership Secretary
Adult Fixtures
Club Captain
League Representative
1st XI Captain
2nd XI Captain
Sunday Cricket Manager
Colts Managers (U9, U10, U11, U12a, U12b, U14)
We have identified various people for most of these roles, but not all. If you can offer help with any of the above – support will be given – please e-mail Drew. We will publish the list of proposed role-holders ahead of the AGM.

How to Attend
There are two available options to ensure that we achieve the required quorum of at least 10 attendees:

1. To join the meeting, please e-mail:

...confirming that you will join. Drew will then send a Zoom invitation so that you are able to join on the 4th July along with copies of the minutes/accounts/list of VPs.

2. If you are unable to join the meeting, you may authorise the chairman of the meeting, (Stephen Finch, President), to vote on your behalf. Votes will be restricted to the Treasurer’s report, the election of the Committee and the Vice Presidents & Life Members. If you wish to do this, please write to


...using the following words:

“I authorise the chairman of the meeting to vote on my behalf at the AGM on July 4th:

• Treasurers report For/Against
• Election of Committee For/Against (if Against any nominees, please name and provide reason)
• Election of Vice Presidents For/Against’ (if Against any nominees, please name and provide reason)”

We hope this makes sense and as always, we appreciate your on-going support of the Club in these challenging times.