Nets to start next week via Booking System

Please read the attached from Drew:

I’ve just had a socially-distanced meeting with Hoppy at the Club. I know there will be plenty of players wanting to get into the nets as a result of the easing of the lockdown. I’m interpreting the rules as follows:

1. Whilst the guidelines say that a maximum of six people can turn out at the same time, the ground is large enough for us to open one net from the top and create a second net on the astro pitch at the top of the square. They are at least 70 metres apart, so I regard doubling up the number to 12 as safe.

2. The Clubhouse will be kept closed and the changing rooms must be locked. The same applies to the bar. This means that people will need to arrive wearing their training gear. We have an option to open the toilets, but that would require regular heavy duty cleaning, hand sanitiser etc, so for ease we will keep them closed.

3. Hoppy has agreed to step forward and co-ordinate timings and attendees. One hour blocks for two groups of 6, individual slots to be booked, a nominee on point to ensure compliance with Government guidelines etc.

4. We should not be using a grass wicket at this stage. The square is very dry and unrolled and we should save moving onto it until, say, mid July.

5. The roll-on net needs to be re-netted and the astro pitch requires a bit of gardening around the edges, so we will use the rest of this week to get ready and kick off with a vengeance from next week.

6. Bearing in mind there are no games at present, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t have training every night of the week, if there’s a demand for it.

7. There’s no reason why people shouldn’t bring a cooler with a few beers in it, so that there can be some post-net socialising.Thanks to

Drew and Hoppy for getting us to this stage.

What does this mean for members?
You will shortly receive a message detailing how to book your nets. If you do not receive a message along the above lines, or are a new member looking to join us, please e-mail and we will get you added to distribution.

Hoppy will add you to a specific nets booking group where you will then be able to see who wants to net with who and when. 

We can only offer netting to people who book via Hoppy, and whilst we’re a highly sociable bunch, if you turn up without a booking we must ask you to leave in the interests of compliance. If people who book on the day don’t show, of course we will contact those who had expressed an interest and offer them any spare spaces.

Cheer Boys, Cheer!