Ingrid Reddick – Sad news but Happy Memories

It is with great sadness that news has come through that one of Life Members Ingrid Reddick passed away in the week. We’re not 100% sure if it was Coronavirus but either way this is a sad loss.

Drew received notice from Ian Nelson, Chairman of the Stoke D’Abernon Residents’ Association that Ingrid passed away on Tuesday with both her daughters at her bedside. Drew has informed the Gudgeons, bearing in mind she used to babysit them when they were growing up – we’ll leave you to interpret if that extended to Chris.

When notifying members of the Club who were very active at the time she ran our bar and assisted with countless other Club tasks between the mid 1990s and the mid-2000s, we have received some lovely tributes. Here is a flavour:

Stephen Finch : “Sad news indeed…Ingrid added something special to our Club and will be remembered fondly by many. What a pity current restrictions prevent us attending her funeral. Our best wishes of course to her family.”

Mike Baker : “She was a great asset to the Club and though she has not been around lately she is and will be missed. Not only did she run a good bar but she also kept us in order when necessary, and sometimes had to put up with some dubious behaviour. She did it all with good grace.”

Andy Page : “Very sad news indeed. Lots of happy memories being told off by Ingrid! What a shame we will no doubt not be allowed to attend her funeral. Rest in peace another Stoke legend.”

Chris Finch : “Very sad to her this…she was a lot of fun.”

Logie Logendran : “How sad…what a dear lady…many thanks for letting us know…will certainly raise a glass or two to salute her.”

Jerry Dharmasena : “Sad news indeed. Many fond memories of Ingrid – a real character. She will be missed by all.”

Malcolm Dickson : “That’s very sad news. Although she’d not been around the Club in recent years, undoubtedly part of our history and an important member of the community. I think one of the last times I remember her behind the bar was helping out at Ron Knox’s wake almost eighteen years ago! She scared the living daylights out of my then girlfriend! What a character!”

Alan Day : “We heard from Ingrid’s daughters that they want to hold some form of get together to celebrate and remember her by although obviously that won’t be for some time yet. It’s nice to see so many familiar names and former batting partners on the mailing list.”

Alistair McMillan : “Sad news & my sympathies to all Ingrid’s family. Hope everyone else is OK.”

Andy Ivory : “…Sad news…Ingrid was just awesome; she scared the life out of us all but she did a great job and is certainly part of the legend. I will raise a glass to her this evening. This Covid-19 is a dreadful affair and I wish everyone well in fending it off…for my part, my wife and step-daughter are both in the direct NHS firing line, which makes me both proud and scared at the same time!”

Rick Mustill, one we have found to have contracted the virus but is thankfully OK – “mild for me to be honest” in his words. “Think we should be planning some sort of social for this year even if the cricket season is pretty much a washout.”

That’s a defo, Rick. We have the 26th July 2020 in the calendar for the Big Reunion but we will confirm in due course if that date is still realistic.

Rest in peace, Ingrid. Hope that any bar you run on the other side is a fun as ours but not as troublesome!