Centuries as a Percentage of Total – Updated

Further to the articles previously published, (see links below), we have updated the spreadsheet with the centuries scored this season by Jase Earl, Harry Nawaz, Alastair Curran and James Trower.

The revised list is here : SDCC Centuries and Percentage of Total (To the end of the 2019 season) 

Harry’s effort against Cheam was only the 10th occasion where a Stoker has scored a century and the team has been bowled out.

Ali’s century against Dorking is also a statistical anomaly. Voted the best individual performance of the season by the players, (a round up of the awards will follow soon); it was the only century scored this year where the team didn’t go on to win the match; and it is also the lowest ever percentage of a Stoke total to contain a century…although credit of course to the rest of the team for making a total of over 300!

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