Letter from the League

Drew has received the following letter from the Surrey Championship:

Drew adds : We’ve already re-seeded the entire outfield and I’m waiting to receive confirmation from the council that we can proceed with cutting back the overhanging branches and foliage.

The Club’s recent assessment by the Facilities Committee from the Surrey Championship went as smoothly as we could have dared to dream. Rod and I spent an hour or so in the company of Graham Jackson, Chris Evans and Denham Earl as they inspected every aspect of our wicket, outfield, clubhouse and equipment.

We need to do several things in advance of next season, in no particular order:

1. We must cut back the branches that overhang the outfield at the Blundell Lane end and the Railway end. This will work will be done by tree surgeons and will inevitably come at a price.
2. The League Committee did not consider the undulations to the outfield be an issue, but they did ask us to improve the covering of grass, hence the above seeding. Equipment that drills the seed under the surface has been used so there will be no impact on dog walkers or humans who use the outfield for exercise.

There is a list of other items that we need to order in, and being the newest addition to the group of Top 20 Clubs in Surrey carries the need for increased voluntary contributions to administrative tasks. ALL playing members and supporters have a role to play here, so when you are contacted to help, please do so.

Furthermore, please let Drew know or e-mail stokecc@hotmail.com with details and ideas of how you can and will help us continue to grow.