Duncs on the Surrey Honours Board

Congrats to Duncs for making it on to the Surrey Bowling Honours Board for his spell of 7 for 44 to help us beat Ripley last Saturday.

Those not following our Twitter feed may also have missed comment that before Duncs took his 5th wicket, this was the live list of Stokers with the most Club wickets but no 5-for:

Tom Gudgeon 91
Duncan Elder 90*
Baz Medlycott 89
Jack Townsend 85
Rod Thomson 76
Jim Hancock 70
Robert Beattie 66
Paddy Engelen 66
Ian Tyrell 65
Dom Lloyd 57
Rosie McEwing 53
Moumer Khara 52
Ben Townsend 50
Nat Sciver 49