Black Friday and Christmas Shopping – Help Raise Funds for Stoke

First the Easy Bit…

Before you go to shop on line next, click on either of these links first and take a couple of minutes to register for EasyFundRaising :
(Start typing “Stoke D’Ab…” into the ‘search for a cause’ box take you to the Club page) D’A&cat=cause-autosuggest
If you’re really keen, download the app on to your mobile as well!

So what have you just done and what do you need to do next?
Having registered for EasyFundRaising, when you search for the site you want to purchase from, (that you would have looked for on the net anyway!), whenever you place an on-line order EasyFundRaising will bill the retailer for a percentage of the amount you spend and pay it to Stoke at the end of each quarter.

It is totally free, you have an identical on-line shopping shopping experience, as you are routed to the home page of the retailer’s site.

You keep all your reward points and discounts. It is 100% secure and neither the Club, EasyFundRaising or the retailer see how much you have spent or when you have spent it.

You may also pick up some extra discounts and voucher codes along the way. The list of over 3000 retailers includes providers of other services that you may be able to use.

What else can I do?
Share the above links with your friends and family and they can help Stoke too.

As an idea of what you could help achieve, one club with a similar membership size to ours has already has raised over £6000 in the last few years.

Any queries on the process, e-mail and we’ll call you back.

Other links including more information on how it works :