Ducks by Brothers in the Same Innings

A rare – but not unique – piece of history in the first test between Pakistan and Australia recently where the Marsh brothers were both dismissed for a duck in the same innings. Andrew Samson at Test Match Special, and soon after Steven Lynch at CricInfo, looked into how many times this has happened, and there were only seven previous instances:

Ducks by Brothers in the Same Innings
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Well, at Stoke we can do better, (or worse!), than that. In the all-day game at Claygate on the 26th July 1990, the THREE Worsfold brothers; Paul, David and Michael, all registered blobs, all bowled by the same, (very good), bowler…

Scorecard :

They join this list of who have made a duck in the same innings on one or more occasion:

Richard Trenchard & George Trenchard v Ashtead 06/08/1932
Brian Meredith & Gordon Meredith v Oxshott 16/05/1964
Nigel Edwards & David Edwards v Richmond Town 28/07/1968
Gordon Meredith & Brian Meredith v Ripley 14/05/1972
Nigel Edwards & David Edwards v St.Johns 29/07/1972
Paul Worsfold & David Worsfold v Centurions 29/06/1975
Andy Tyrell & Ian Tyrell v Witley 09/06/1979
Paul/David/Michael Worsfold v Claygate 26/07/1990
Stephen Finch & Chris Finch v Honor Oak 04/05/1991
Alistair McMillan & Roy McMillan v St.Peter’s Old Boys 19/07/1992
Chris Finch & Stephen Finch v Carshalton 05/06/1999
Tom Frost & Will Frost v Godalming 05/07/2008
Tom Frost & Will Frost v Walton-on-Thames 09/08/2009
Jack Townsend & Ben Townsend v Godalming 19/06/2016
David Hill & Charlie Hill v Chessington 07/07/2016
Jack Townsend & Ben Townsend v Ashtead 28/05/2017
Ben Townsend & Jack Townsend v Alleyn 15/07/2017
Ben Townsend & Jack Townsend v Dulwich 13/08/2017
Fred Zander & Billy Zander v Walton-on-Thames 27/05/1918
Names in scorecard batting order

Some illustrious names on the list, but before they all read this and cry into their beer, (or other beverage in the case of U18s), or think they are being publicly shamed; remember that all of those named above have put in great performances with bat, ball the gloves or both; for example both Townsend brothers have already been in a separate match-winning 10th wicket stands in League cricket in their young careers; the Edwards brothers made 17699 combined career runs for the Club, Finches, (10588), Merediths, (7702), and that’s just their batting outputs.

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