Hoppy & Shawn in Double Win for WPCC

You’re chasing a moderate score of 104-8 (20/20) and things seem to be going to plan at 40 for 1 then it goes a bit pear-shaped and suddenly the board says 72 for 7.

Solution? Send for the Stokers…

In today’s morning match Shawn and Hoppy took WPCC to the brink of victory against Ottoman.

Scorecard : https://www.websports.co.za/livecricket.html?gid=216378&sportid=1

The WPCC XI includes current Essex man Michael Pepper : http://www.espncricinfo.com/england/content/player/772293.html

In the afternoon game WPCC have just completed a 29 run victory over top of the table Cape Town; Hoppy leading the defence of 152 for 8 with figures of 4-0-24-4; Pepper with a couple of assists.

Scorecard : https://www.websports.co.za/livecricket.html?gid=216383&sportid=1

The latest league table can be viewed here: https://www.websports.co.za/logs.html
Search for the WP Premier League AMA 20 – Pool B table

For those in need of a catch-up on the season so far here were last week’s results: https://www.websports.co.za/livecricket.html?gid=216364&sportid=1 & https://www.websports.co.za/livecricket.html?gid=216371&sportid=1