Chris Gudgeon

Letter from Canada

Dear All.

Just wishing the whole Club all the very best for the new season.

It makes me so happy to follow the Club albeit from a long distance here in Toronto.

Our Club is superbly run, led by Drew, and now has a President in Stephen Finch who is an excellent appointment to impart his experience and passion.

Best wishes also to those who administer and coach, help to transport, arrange teas and refreshments. Your time is so valuable to so many.

I encourage more to get involved…it’s fun.

Stoke as a club has always played the game recognizing the Spirit of Cricket and long may this continue, it is important to be respected as a club with strong and fair values.

Thank you for being still a massive part of my life.

Keep up the great work.

Hope to see you down at the club on a visit this summer.