Pre-Season Working Party – Sunday 8th April (After Nets)

Dear all!

The new season is fast approaching and we have essential jobs to do to get the Clubhouse and the ground ready.

This Sunday, after nets, (or if you can’t make nets get to Stoke for 1.30pm), can as many people as possible come to the Club for an hour or so and help with the list of jobs below.

(If you have any of the tools/equipment/materials in brackets, let me know by e-mail : or send me a text.)

1. Clear gutters to all buildings. (Gloves and bucket.)
2. Clear vegetation to rear and side of clubhouse. (Gardening tools.)
3. Replace broken overflow to home changing room hot water tank. (General tools.)
4. Re-install slats to sightscreens.  Cover holes with white gaffer tape. (White tape required.)
5. Install extractor fan to window to beer store. (General tools.)
6. Remove broken side gate. (Hacksaw.)
7. Fill crack to home changing shower ceiling. (Filler and filling knife.)
8. Replace clips to groundsman’s hut down pipe. (Drill, timber and new plastic clips.)
9. Replace bulb to right hand beer fridge. (Check bulb type and source.)
10. Clean the astro nets. (Stiff brushes and scrapers.)

I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday at one or both events!