EasyFundRaising breaks the £650 mark

A big thank-you to all those who have registered and used EasyFundRaising, and to those already registered.

We’ve now generated over £650 of FREE MONEY towards the repayments on the loan we had to take out to complete the finance for the Clubhouse extension, (yes we’re still making those repayments even though it’s fully functional.)

If you haven’t already done so registering is easy, (it only takes 2-3 minutes of your time), and details on how to do it are here…

EasyFundRaising Set Up

The links to register are also at the end of this article.

EasyFundRaising is not a business you purchase from or we pay money to. It is a free tool that directs you to your usual on-line retailers, (nearly all the big companies you normally order on-line from are on there, over 3000 of them.) There are plenty of other providers of other day-today services you will probably use on there too.

When you make your on-line purchases, you still get all your usual discounts, voucher codes, loyalty points, etc. The retailer sends a payment to EasyFundRaising and every quarter all the donations are sent on to our Clubhouse Extension account.

* No catch!
* Register today!
* Encourage your friends and family to register too as EasyFundRaising makes bonus donations to reward those who introduce new registrations, even if they then don’t use it, or forget to.

Either of these links take you to the registration screen : http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/invite/RW3MCD/ or https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/


Please e-mail stokecc@hotmail.com if you have any queries.