Bowled Out by a Stoker

This week’s “Ask Steven” feature on CricInfo saw one follower ask:

Which bowler has the best record of hitting the stumps, given a large amount of wickets?

The answer was:

Of the 181 bowlers who have so far taken 100 or more Test wickets, the two with the highest percentage of bowled dismissals are the 19th-century England pair of George Lohmann, with 51 out of 112, or 45.53% bowled, and Johnny Briggs, with 52 out of 118, (44.06%)

Next comes the first post-war bowler, Australia’s Ray Lindwall, who bowled 97 of his 228 victims (42.54%) – the Australian Charlie “Terror” Turner, (42/101 or 41.58%), and England’s Brian Statham (102/252 or 40.47%), both also bowled more than 40% of their victims.

Bottom of the list is the Indian slow left-arm spinner Pragyan Ojha, who rattled the timbers for only eight of his 113 Test wickets, (7.07%)

Statham is one of only seven men to have bowled more than 100 batsmen in Tests. The others, most of whom played significantly more matches, are Muttiah Muralitharan, (167), Shane Warne, (116), Jimmy Anderson, (104, before the Adelaide Test), Fred Trueman, (103), Waqar Younis, (102), and Wasim Akram, (101)

A look at percentages of ‘bowled’ dismissals by Stokers sees – with a bit of filtering – Bob Willis head our list…

Percentage of Wickets Bowled (Minimum 62 Wickets Taken)
(To generate this screen – you may have to click on it to enlarge it depending on what device you’re reading this on – we put in a minimum number of wickets taken to Bob’s count of 62.)

Bowled Willis

Imagine the prospect of turning out for your club at the weekend and finding him tearing in at you from the Railway End – his Stoke career bowling average was 6.85!

Either side of Bob’s count, a look at the highest percentage of wickets bowled at other milestones would suggest that it was easier to bowl players out in the past than it is now:

10 wickets minimum – L.Strange (pre-war) – 72.73% bowled, the other 27.27% were caught

20 wickets – Syd White (pre-war) – 72.55% bowled, the other 27.45% were caught
At this point Ben Dunjay, (13/22 or 59.09%), appears on the front page, as does Charlotte Elworthy, (22/32 or 68.75%), who is the highest ranked player from the Stoke Molesey Ladies. Nat Sciver bowled 26 of her 49 victims, 53.06%.

30 wickets – At this filter point, Syd White still tops the list, but Charlotte is now second.

40 wickets – Syd again, but two other recent debutants start to move up the list. Ed Ashwell has 43 career wickets for Stoke, 24 if them, (55.81%), have been bowled. Keegan Weideman, (23/42 or 54.76%), also makes the front page.

50 wickets – Syd first, R.G.D.Willis second.
At this point one of the five bowlers to have taken more than 1000 wickets for Stoke appears. David Edwards, (673/1286 or 52.54%), takes him into the top fifteen…

60 wickets – …and when Syd drops off, a second 1000+ bowler, Mike Cooper, (568/1135 or 50.81%), appears. Bob top.

70 wickets – …then when Bob drops off, a third, our all-time leading wicket-taker Roy Johns, (739/1507 or 49.04%), comes in. Roy has bowled out more players, (739), than anyone else for the Club.

80 wickets – No real changes here, but Jerry Dharmasena deserves a mention. He is well placed on the list anyway, and would top it with 149 bowled out of 284 wickets, (53.02%), if the minimum number of wickets was set at 257.

90 wickets – Current player Alex Bond, (77/161 or 47.83%), first appears on the front page.

The remaining two 1000+ club bowlers; Peter Higgs, (621/1386 or 44.93%), and Tony Vandensteen, (476/1180 or 40.41%), don’t appear on the front page until the minimum number of wickets is set to 113 and 285 respectively.

When using the CricInfo qualification of a minimum of 100 wickets, 63 Stokers have that figure or more. We start to see more familiar names on the front page.

Alex Bond is the highest placed current player in 10th. A look further down the list sees Ralphie, (25th), Jase, (29th), Stephen Finch, (38th), Will Gudgeon, (41st), and Toby Tarrant, (45th), in the top 50. These six are ahead of the first two slow bowlers in the list, Nico Spreeth and Matt Gottschalk who are 45th and 46th respectively; then we have Richie Parrett, (47th), and Alistair McMillan, (49th) – Tim Handel, Jack Raimondo, Ian Hopton, Adrian Mills and Will Frost complete the list of current players.

Po, (362/495 or 73.13%), Willo and Hoppy are the top three in percentage terms when it comes to wickets achieved with a catch; Johnny Lawes, (23/105 or 21.90%), tops the lbw percentage list. (Again, a minimum of 100 wickets taken.)

You can search these lists on our Play Cricket site, (, click on Bowling Stats and select “% wickets bowled” and amend the minimum number of wickets taken.

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