Ralphie Wins Wisden Competition!

Ralphie took delivery of his £1 Wisden monthly in the week, (details on how to get yours here if you haven’t done so already: http://www.stokecc.co.uk/2017/11/06/wisden-for-1-promo-code-1for1/), and in a spare moment had a crack at the crossword, e-mailed his answers in and received this from Wisden Editorial yesterday:

Congratulations Ralph, you’ve sent in this month’s first completed crossword entry! Let me know your address so we can get a copy of The Nightwatchman: Issue 19 sent out to you.

It’s arrived today. Details of the content here : http://www.thenightwatchman.net/news/issue-19-out-now

Looks a good read if anyone wants to buy one!!!!

Always worth members entering competitions when we make you aware of them, (we won ODI tickets recently as well.) There are currently quite a few live comps for members and players to enter, (check your phones or e-mail stokecc@hotmail.com if you need details of what you can enter and win.)