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Keep Voting for Nick and Ruth!

Further to our recent article, (http://www.stokecc.co.uk/2017/10/24/support-nick-and-ruth-lo/), if you haven’t done so already, please take a couple of minutes out to vote for Nick and Ruth. Details in the above link, or in full below…

They have now received some favourable press coverage, but need to add to their 778 votes so far.

Lo Farm Nursery Press

This process below quite wordy but does only take a few of minutes:

(1) Click Here : https://www.avivacommunityfund.co.uk/voting/user/login
(2) Click “Register Here” and enter your e-mail, name and click “Finish”
(3) You will be sent an e-mail. Click on the link in it to “Confirm Your E-mail Address” and you’re taken back to the Aviva Community Fund web-site
(4) Tick “None of the Above” – unless any of the choices apply! – say that you’re over 18, accept the terms and click “Complete My Details”
(5) If you’re not already logged in click “Vote Now”
(6) In the search below enter Post Code NR34 8DX or type “Early Intervention Groups” in the description and Nick & Ruth’s page will appear.
(7) Click on it to vote…you have TEN votes so can click on the + sign and “Submit Votes”
On occasion the site turns over a bit slowly. This is due to the number of people registering to vote. Please be patient! After the confirmation you have the option to enter a free prize draw as well.