Support Nick and Ruth Lo!

Please take two minutes of your time to help out Nick and Ruth Lo who are looking for votes to get funding from the Aviva Community Scheme. Here is what you need to do and more details are below:

(1) Click Here :
(2) Click “Register Here” and enter your e-mail, name and click “Finish”
(3) You will be sent an e-mail. Click on the link in it to “Confirm Your E-mail Address” and you’re taken back to the Aviva Community Fund web-site
(4) Tick “None of the Above” – unless any of the choices apply! – say that you’re over 18, accept the terms and click “Complete My Details”
(5) If you’re not already logged in click “Vote Now”
(6) In the search below enter Post Code NR34 8DX or type “Early Intervention Groups” in the description and Nick & Ruth’s page will appear.
(7) Click on it to vote…you have TEN votes so can click on the + sign and “Submit Votes”
On occasion the site turns over a bit slowly. This is due to the number of people registering to vote. Please be patient! After the confirmation you have the option to enter a free prize draw as well.


More about Nick and Ruth’s project:

“…We are requesting the funding to be able to run two groups per week, of six children for a year, with a focus on Early Intervention for children with Autism and associated conditions. The groups are run by qualified therapists, and are based around the Early Start Denver Model, Speech and Language and Occupational Therapy, all of which have a good evidence base. They provide holistic input through play for the children, with a particular focus on the development of social interaction, communication, sensory and motor development, and play skills. Children in the pilot groups last year made good progress with their targets, and all parents provided positive feedback about the groups. Parents also expressed that they had learned a lot of strategies that they were able to implement at home.” &

About the Competition
The Aviva Community Fund offers the chance to get funding for an important cause. It’s open to everyone – the general public as well as Aviva customers, employees, insurance brokers or financial advisers, (whether associated with Aviva or not.) Aviva want projects to be entered to advertise what a difference these much-needed funds could make. Get enough votes from friends, family and supporters and the project could be entered into the finals, where a judging panel will award the funds.

About the Awards
Aviva believes good projects come in all shapes and sizes. So the best way to support a variety of good causes is to let both large and small projects share the funding. The Aviva Community Fund will finance over 500 projects across four different fund levels and four categories, giving awards to communities throughout the UK. If the project gets enough votes and wows their judges, it will be in with a chance of receiving those much-needed funds. More details here :

Once voting opened on the 24th October 2017 at 9am. Start sharing the project with as many friends, family and supporters as possible to get their votes. The projects with the most votes will become finalists. Anyone who lives in the UK and registers on the Aviva Community Fund website can vote for projects between the 24th October 2017 and the 21st November 2017. You don’t have to have submitted a project to vote. You’ll get 10 votes which you can use at any time during the voting phase of the competition. You can support as many projects as you like with your votes. Spread them around or use them all to support one project – it’s your choice.

Nick made a tremendous contribution to Stoke, still supports us from afar and made it to our last Sunday game of 2017 to catch up and cheer us on, vowing to get in more games for us when he can. Let’s help him out, eh?

Nick Lo and Jase Earl - September 2017

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