Paul Negri 1980 and 2017

Paul Negri makes contact with Stoke

Over the weekend the following e-mail came into the Club mailbox:

Hi, Stoke!

My name is Paul Negri, and I played 200 senior games for Stoke in the 70s and 80s and spent many happy afternoons and evenings there. (Your excellent player records show 199, but I am writing to give you evidence of a missing game which takes me to my double century!)

I have an old cutting of a match report from the Esher News of the 13th June 1979, reporting a victory for Stoke 2nds over Sunbury Village 2nds played on Sunday 10th June 1979. This match is not shown in the archived statistics, (I noticed because I scored 60 in the game, which was one of only five senior fifties I scored for Stoke!)

The cutting includes a full scorecard of both innings, if you would like it to include it in your club records for the sake of completeness, (not just my 200 matches!)

Say hello to anyone playing/watching who might remember me, (I was one of the punk contingent), and may I take the opportunity to wish you and the Club well for the future.

I am keeping fit – in fact I have just come back running a 5K Park Run here in Edinburgh, (where I now live) – 19 minutes 59 seconds a couple of weeks after my 60th birthday – I’m well happy!

Look forward to hearing from you, and once again, all good wishes!

Not wanting to miss an opportunity, we wrote back to Paul for the clip, and here is his next one:

Hi again!

Unfortunately as you see the original cutting yellowed and got repaired with sellotape so hasn’t scanned too clearly. The bits I’ve written alongside for clarity are:

“Paul Negri, (60), and Harry Harkett, (55), shared in a whirlwind stand of 90. Richard Peston and Andy Cook.’

‘Extras 11 – Total (for 8) 166 (End of Stoke innings)

Sunbury Village
Liddle c Negri b Turrell 3
Dixon b Baker 1…
Stygal b Taylor 0
Extras 9
Total (for 10 wkts) 40

Stoke won by 126 runs.

Hopefully you can read the rest if you blow it up.

I am also attaching a pic of me running the Park Run recently along the Edinburgh seafront, (wearing a vintage Watford FC shirt!), and a pic of me as a punk performing at the Club with our group ‘Five Go Shopping’ in 1980 – I wonder if anyone remembers that gig?

Regards to all!

Paul Negri in 2017
Paul Negri 1980

So we’ve uploaded the scorecard. Click here for the electronic version :

Paul’s updated Stoke career record, (now 200 matches – 63 others have played this number of games or more), can be viewed here :

So how has this match altered the course of history? Paul’s runs take him past 2000 for his career, but doesn’t move him any higher than 74th in the list of all-time run-scorers.

Clive Baker’s 5 for 13 were his second best figures for the Club, moving him into the top 80 all-time leading wicket-takers, above Stoke stalwarts like Simon Engelen, Andrew Hall, Jeremy Connell, Gareth Durling and Gopi Kumar. He has also gone past Jack Townsend but we hope you will address that matter in the next game or so, Jack!

Harry Harkett’s runs moved him past 4500 for his career and into 30th place in the list of all-time leading run-scorers.

The Negri/Harkett partnership doesn’t threaten the Club’s all-time record 2nd wicket partnership for the Sunday 2nd XI, though – that record is still held by Rick Mustill and Chris Gudgeon who did this in 1992 :

If anyone wants to drop Paul a line, e-mail and we’ll put you in touch with him.
Stoke v Sunbury Village - June 1979 - Press and Scorecard