My Greatest XI : Peter Phipps

We haven’t had one of these for a while, so here we go with this addition to series. (Link to them all here :

Club Secretary Phippsy lets talks us know his Greatest Stoke XI since joining us in 2008…

1. Jack Raimondo
I had the pleasure of batting with Jack on a few occasions, not very long mind you, and then watching him when umpiring. Very talented and great skills. Seen him really determined. OK it was in a 2s game last season away at Chertsey, but he was class. (This commentary provided before the recent game at Sinjuns.)
Jack Raimondo by MHS

2. Andy Page
Well, a warrior. Saw him at tea at Ripley last season after his ton. Exhausted, but an over 50 League ton. (Scorecard : Still great. In a fight. Have on my side please.
Pagie v Ripley 2016 Team

3. Gavin Gresse
In the Gottschalk 2s years I batted with and watched him bat on a few occasions. Just liked his technique. Classical and chippy.
Gavin Gresse

4. James Trower
One of the best straight drivers I have seen, and promotion skipper! Got to find a place for JT!
James Trower

5. Johnny Lawes
Mr.Cricket for me. I watched his brutal ton to win a game at Sinjuns, (, and he was awesome. Also a game at Walcountians where I ‘survived’ for 15 overs against what I thought was tricky bowling. Johnny comes in and hits 65 not out and destroyed them. Brilliant. (Card :
Lawes and Lawes

6. Jason Earl
Skip. The finisher. In a rut and he toughs it out. 1s and 2s. Always tries to win when we should draw. On his day can be a game winning bowler too.
Working Party 4 Jet Wash Jase

7. Matt Gottschalk
Skip for promotions. I can never hit his darts off the square and his batting can be destructive.
Matt Gottschalk Batting by MHS

8. Greg Routley
Always fun, great arm, and could hit the ball a long way. Won a fair few games or got 0.
Greg Shirt Presentation 1

9. Alex Bond
Underrated with the bat. That knock v Dorking to try and save us from relegation a couple of seasons back was one of the best I have seen. 64 and nearly nearly did it, (Card :, and others like that…and with the ball he can be quick. Very quick.
Alex Bond by MS

10. Adrian Mills
What a class performer. Whenever he bowls I just want to stand at 2nd slip. Lovely flighted out-swingers, a batsman gets bored leaving, has a flash, and nestles in the hands of Phippsy. Easy!
Adrian Mills by MHS

11. Ralph Coleman
May have to put him up the order soon. Always there supporting the Club and can play. Love the field setting. One slip at 2.5 and one at 3.75. He can bowl though. Unlike Po no catches are easy of Ralphie. Flying edges or dives!
Ralphie v Ripley 2015

So there is my XI. A different slant on Stoke life…

What’s yours?

Do you have a team of your own to compare with this? (It can be a Greatest World XI, a Greatest Stoke XI…or both.)
E-mail and we’ll include you in the debate.