Request to Stoke Members from the ECB

We have had the following e-mail from the ECB. Please note and take the action below if you haven’t already done so:

Our records show that in 2016 Stoke D’Abernon CC had a total of 209 players who played at least one game of cricket in the summer. Currently only 11 have a registered Play-Cricket account of their own.

We’ve already contacted as many players as we can, and are now reaching out to you asking for your help to encourage more players to register – they’ll receive the Honours Boards e-mails if they do, who wouldn’t want them!

As a reward for your help, we’ll enter you into a competition to win 1 of 100 wet weather kits for your club. To be eligible to win, all you have to do is have as many people as possible registered for their own account on by 5pm on Wednesday 31st May 2017.

The Wet Weather Kit is full of essential items for an English summer of cricket. (Video here :,GH7X,3PI9SJ,1PL0V,1) Win pitchforks, squegees, a brush and much more!

Benefits of registration for the players:
1. Receive personalised communications from ECB about their performance.
2. Track their career performance and averages.
3. Compare their statistics against others.
4. Analyse the opposition.
5. Reproduce great cricketing memories.

Here is how to register:
Adults : Play Cricket Sign Up Adult
Juniors : Play Cricket Sign Up Juniors

…or you can watch this 33-second video where Jason Roy walks you through what you need to do :

Please do this in the next week or so and help Stoke win another prize.