50 Hundreds by Stokers – Part 4

The penultimate part of this series sees us enter the top 20…

Tim Handel : 129 v Ewhurst (A) on 07/07/2007 – 1st XI – Fuller’s League
Scorecard : http://sdacc.play-cricket.com/website/results/891497
We had been waiting for this. In his first season with us, Tim had threatened a ton on a few occasions without converting, but this was the day it happened. Decent attack but a small playing area, and in early after we lost Gav in the first over. Sid & Tim traded boundary after boundary in a Club record Fuller’s 2nd wicket partnership, (http://www.stokecc.co.uk/record-partnerships/) – Sid eventually holed out, (probably with his bowling duties in mind), but Tim went on and on. We were contemplating 300 but Simon pitched a six on the road that bounced several times on the tarmac and took about ten minutes to fetch. Not wanting to lose time or overs, we ‘suggested’ to Pagie that we declared and we won the game to stay in promotion contention.
Star Academy Tim

Thiru Madhavan : 121 not out v Chobham (H) on 01/07/2000 – 1st XI – Fuller’s League
Scorecard : http://sdacc.play-cricket.com/website/results/2320883
“Madhu” only played one season for us before asking for money to return, (guess our response!), but newly-found greed over the winter aside he was very committed to us for the 2000 season, (http://sdacc.play-cricket.com/website/player_stats_widget/batting_stats/798135?rule_type_id=179), and treated us to two good hundreds in successive weeks. This is the one I would place a close second to his maiden effort at Frimley a week earlier. Ron and Malcolm gave him a nice platform and he hit tiring opening bowlers out of the attack before tucking into the change bowling. By the end he was placing the ball wherever he wanted and a positive declaration cut short what could have been a score in excess of 150.

Thiru Madhavan : 109 not out v Frimley (A) on 24/06/2000 – 1st XI – Fuller’s League
Scorecard : http://sdacc.play-cricket.com/website/results/2320882
Frimley were promoted at the end of the season which will give you some idea of the standard of the opposition. They liked the on-field chat, albeit were great blokes off it, but Madhu used the sledging for inspiration and with a variety of partners had the opposition arguing with each other by the end rather than directing the chat at us. Tactically we batted the maximum 55 overs, and for a long while it looked a good decision as the prolific Johnny Hebditch, (who was in a long-standing League record partnership against Stoke in the previous year’s fixture), scored 85 of the first 109 and threatened an early finish. When we got him, though, things started to happen; notably the ball followed Andy Lee all over the place and Chris Georgiou had a career day with the ball. The last pair had to block out the last few overs which never seemed a possibility 15 overs into our fielding effort.

Jack Raimondo : 107 v Godalming (H) on 05/07/2008 – 1st XI – Fuller’s League
Scorecard : http://sdacc.play-cricket.com/website/results/1035736
A division higher, a few years later Jack became another first-time League centurion. Always good to see one of our own contributing to what was a high scoring, hard-hitting match. Everyone else played around him and we chipped away at the Godalming order on a good pitch before Tom Hickey and Johnny Milner, batting at much lower positions in the order than their outputs on Play Cricket suggest, blocked out a large chunk of the remaining overs to deny us a win after we had them seven down. In this effort, Jack peppered the sightscreens with regularity with his trademark shot. More of this this vintage going forward, please.

Simon Engelen : 100 not out v Whiteley Village (H) on 03/08/1996 – 1st XI – Fuller’s League
Scorecard : http://sdacc.play-cricket.com/website/results/2323088
Any century by Simon, (pictured on the right below next to Tuffers), is a thing of beauty and this was one of the best of his eight entries on our 100s board. Village made a good declaration to give themselves a chance to win, (well, Martin Thomas might argue differently!), and we made a decent start to the chase. Those unfamiliar with Simon’s batting often questioned the pace at which he was going at, but he is the best I have seen at getting himself in, working out how and where to score his runs, pacing an innings and/or a run chase. Knowing some long handle would come from one or more of his brother, Steve Eggleston and Gavin Johns, he accumulated runs at the effective rate throughout to complete a chanceless hundred just before Gav made the winning hit.
Cooper and Engelen

Hiken Shah : 121 not out v Dorking (H) on 10/07/2010 – 1st XI – Surrey Championship
Scorecard : http://sdacc.play-cricket.com/website/results/1394599
Despite their precarious league position Dorking had a decent side, and good attack with League opening bowler Lewis Davies and perennial wicket-gobbler ‘Chunk’ Chadwick in their line up. After we found a formula in the field to restrict and chase, (tactic abandoned by Sid the following week at Farncombe and we ended up facing 289!), the Hik-man made light of the reputations and made a potentially tricky chase of 213 a stroll. The 2nd XI had made short work of Old Hamptonians same day and a number of that team were also back at HQ to watch the end of this one.
Hiken Thumbs Up

Hiken Shah : 110 v Farncombe (H) on 22/05/2010 – 1st XI – Surrey Championship
Scorecard : http://sdacc.play-cricket.com/website/results/1394600
Same season, better opposition, (they were promoted), and a bigger total to chase than in the Dorking match. We needed a good start and Sid & Hiken provided it. Hiken didn’t get into a hitting competition with either Sid, or Tim when he came in and smashed it all over the place; and by the time he was dismissed he had batted us into a position where Tim & Frosty had plenty of overs to knock off the rest.
Hiken Shah v Farncombe

Will Gudgeon : 108 v Burgess Park (A) on 05/07/2009 – Academy – Surrey Trust
Scorecard : http://sdacc.play-cricket.com/website/results/1105156
Had we won this game, this probably would have been our best ever rated Trust League hundred to date. A trip to Burgess Park is always an experience, (we came off to find our kit tossed out on the porch of the changing complex as the receptionist wanted to go home), and on a hot afternoon we were given the run-around by the impressive Khatri who carried his bat, and First Class experienced, (later to be found to be ineligible), Rashidi Boucher. 249 looked a long way off, particularly when we lost three early ones in the chase and excitable fielders kept running on the strip; but Gudge got himself in and found enough partners to stay with him to plot the chase. Had he backed his No.11 or waited for a more appropriate ball to hit rather than being castled with his head in the clouds the ball after our 9th wicket fell, perhaps this effort might have made the top 10.
Will Gudgeon Warlingham

Dan Douthwaite : 153 not out v Woodmansterne (A) on 28/09/2013 – 1st XI – Friendly
Scorecard : http://sdacc.play-cricket.com/website/results/610587
This ranks highly due to the sheer size of score. OK, the bowling was a little on the weak side, but senior cricket was still a new-ish concept to Dan back then. What made this a good one was his sheer greed for runs, his desire to convert when reaching fifty, and to keep going after getting to three figures when others might start to think of innovations and/or surrender their wicket. Dan read the match situation well; played steadily whilst Nick was ticking along; then going through the gears and taking on the senior partner role with Jase in what is still a record 4th wicket stand in friendly cricket. (http://www.stokecc.co.uk/record-partnerships/) All this on an unpredictable end-of-season pitch. The result of Dan’s effort, (during which he passed 1000 runs for the season in front of Dad), was a formidable total that the opposition couldn’t get near.
Douthwaite v Paulines

Saud Hassan : 113 not out v Old Tiffinians (A) on 07/06/2008 – 1st XI – Fuller’s League
Scorecard : http://sdacc.play-cricket.com/website/results/1035796
Saud liked to put bat to ball and whilst he sometimes looked cavalier in approach, he was a better match-player than people gave him credit for. Opponents chirped him at their peril. The previous year we had bowled well in this fixture only to have a batting horror show and gift the opposition a win that led to them finishing above us in the table. No repeat this year as we emphatically reversed fortunes, and having been three down relatively early with the ball doing a bit; Saud launched a terrific counter attack, Hiken played nicely around him and we ended up with a huge total. In reply we chipped away at their order, and just when it looked like the opposition would bat the game out Jack took a mad return catch after the batsman drilled the ball into Gudge’s boot at silly point and the ball ballooned back to him. A good day overall that started with Frosty doing a superb handbrake turn in their car park on arrival – we still await confirmation if the Queen, who he and others passed in traffic on the way to the ground, didn’t put him up to this.

So 40 down and just the top ten to go, and some readers of this are now daring to dream that they will be crowned No.1. Tune in next week after the Easter break folks…