Saturday 8th April 2017 – Pre-Season Working Party – 9am

Next Saturday, 8th April 2017, is our annual pre-season working party. Please report for 9am.

Once again this will be in association with NatWest Cricket Force who have sent us another bag of t-shirts to wear!!!

Below is a lengthy list of things we need to do. If you can help Pagie with materials and tools, e-mail :

Dear All,

With the season fast approaching our ex-Secretary, (thanks Jo!), has given us the following list of jobs that need to be attended to next Saturday:

DIY Experts
* Install Shower curtain to umpire’s changing room – shower curtain and pole required
* Dismantle the old mobile net – need spanners/socket set
* Re-assemble the site screens
* Install extract fan to the beer store
* Install shelf unit to side of the bar – kitchen wall unit or similar required
* Glass wash maintenance – new salt required to be purchased – instructions attached

* Dispose of the two old beer fridges – we need a large estate car
* Dispose of old clothing in the changing rooms

* Paint the white posts to perimeter of access road
* Paint the ceiling and walls to the two stores
* Varnish the shelves under bar
* Remove the old fan
(I will buy materials from Jewson with the NatWest monies)

* Wash down bar fascia and changing room walls
* Need a new squeegee to showers – donation accepted!
* Clean the changing room showers
* Clean the cobwebs to club room ceiling
* Clean the bar and sinks

* Cut the grass to side of club house
* Cut down the vegetation to rear of club house

Please let me know what you can assist with in terms of tools, materials, donations etc.


Cricket Force T-Shirt