Logie’s Birthday Missions : 29 completed, 41 to Go

Yesterday evening saw Logie complete his 29th catch-up mission, (of 70 in his calendar so far), for his 70th birthday.

For those who don’t know Logie, he was Stoke’s 1s skipper in 1997 and 1998, (he also captained the 2s for part of 1995, all of 1996 and all of 2000), and assembled a squad of Stokers to help celebrate his birthday, (not until April!), at The Plough over the road from the Club yesterday evening.

(He has a contact book to rival the Yellow Pages, so he is meeting up with smaller groups over the course of the year to make sure he gets round everyone!)

Always keen to surround himself with champion cricketers – see below for the full list – those he ‘selected’ for yesterday from the extensive Stoke roster have, (to date), between them:

• Scored 81,962 runs
• Taken 4,501 wickets
• Held 1,842 catches in the field
• Effected 74 run outs
• Registered 406 keeping dismissals, (334 caught, 72 stumped)

These numbers would have been boosted further had other invitees Simon Engelen and Mike Cooper been able to attend. Simon provided an acceptable excuse for non-attendance – we’re still waiting on news of what happened to Tuffers!

Former Stoke President David Pappin was also in attendance.

Logie arranged for the staff at The Plough to keep the boys fed and watered, and big props to Nudgie who sorted – at very short notice – a birthday ‘cake’ – a career in events management beckons, surely! – before knocking over the glass of, (expensive), pinot noir given to him by the main man!

Logie Party Logie and Ralphie
Logie Party Nudge and Jack Raimondo

Our thanks to the staff at The Plough for looking after us so well. We’re sure we’ll be over the road to see you over the course of the season. (The Over 40s have already started!)

For the record Logie’s squad was:

Ralph Coleman
Malcolm Dickson
Peter Farenden
Chris Finch
Stephen Finch
Tom Gudgeon
Will Gudgeon
Gary Harkett
Roy Johns
Alistair McMillan
Rick Mustill
Andy Page
David Pappin
Jack Raimondo
Keith Watson

Best wishes were also sent via Facebook from Ranga Yasalal, Stoke’s Overseas Player in 1998, (http://sdacc.play-cricket.com/website/player_stats_widget/batting_stats/812632?rule_type_id=179 & http://www.espncricinfo.com/srilanka/content/player/50264.html), who still follows Stoke’s fortunes from Australia.

An excellent evening.

Happy Birthday, Logie…in April!

Logie Party Group