Stoke D’Abernon Advent Calendar 2016 (24)

A few days ago we mentioned Will T got 18 games in.

Despite picking up the odd knock in 2016, (notably one rearrangement of his hand keeping to his son!), Rod managed 24 appearances, passing a century of games for the Club in the process. (Others to get to 100 caps were Will T, Peter Phipps, James Whitmarsh and Nico Spreeth.)

Last year we gave you a flavour of some of the immense contribution Rod makes to us, (, and we have previously mentioned this year’s efforts with the Under 17 Cup campaign and getting a game on at Sutton.

From 2017 he will add the role of Club Treasurer to the list.

Rod Thomson 82 not out
Rod Thomson v Old As 2016
Rod and Will Thomson

Please buy this man a beer when you see him near the bar!!!