Stoke D’Abernon Advent Calendar 2016 (6)

“Nothing More, Nothing Less, Six of the Best!”

The above wasn’t sung with as much regularity as last year but Will Gudgeon moved ever nearer to the title of the Club’s all-time leading six-hitter in 2016, taking his total to 152:

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Many a ‘song’ was heard from the pavilion this summer, notably at the end of League season bash. The playlist included:
– The Stoke Victory Song
– We’ve got Miller
– It must be Gudge
– Toby is our Mate
– Keep your Hands by your Side
– Blame it on the Gluckman
– …and Many Many More

Sadly, (or thankfully depending on your view on these things), the above album is not available for download, but for those who need a musical fix, we’ve gone to the archives and dug out this one from 2008 for your pleasure:

Will Gudgeon Square Drive by MHS
Awards Will Gudgeon