Under 9s Round Up

The Under 9s have been very active in the last week or so. The highlight, as Shannon writes below, being:

“A convincing win this over Leatherhead – SDCC 127 to Leatherhead 60.

Worth mentioning
Oscar – 2 overs, 0 runs conceded with 2 wickets
Jack – fantastic batting innings – 24 runs
Stanley – brilliant running – stealing runs like nobody’s business, (usually from non-striker’s end.)”

Oli has supplied other results, and he has sent in the scoresheets from the Leatherhead game as well:

SDCC U9 v Leatherhead U9 - May 2016 2SDCC U9 v Leatherhead U9 - May 2016 1

All the results and tables can be found on our Play Cricket site, (http://sdacc.play-cricket.com/website/web_pages/88646)

Here are the Under 9 League tables, showing us in contention for both competitions:

Main League : http://westsycl.play-cricket.com/website/website/league_table/64385

Gladys Chitty League : http://westsycl.play-cricket.com/website/websites/view_division?id=64411