Best Wishes from Ian Wellman

Stoke’s 2nd all-time leading run scorer Ian Wellman has contacted us to wish us the best for the season.

Ian writes, (and this was in response to a mailer about the ceremony for Alan Wiseman this Sunday – see message board):

“Many thanks for the notification. Unfortunately I will not be able to make it to the ground as I am in Abu Dhabi at the moment…in fact I am about to give a certain Mr.D.Willis a call to see if we can catch up later!

All best wishes as ever to Stoke for a successful season. The League starts tomorrow. Nick and Steve…” (Ian’s sons who play at Valley End) “…are playing for the 2s away at Old Wimbledonians, so I will be logging in to see how everyone gets on.”

For those not in the know “Mr.D.Willis” is David Willis, former Stoke captain and brother of Bob W.

If anyone wants to drop Ian a line or catch up with him, please e-mail