1009 not out

The new year has started with some incredible scorecards and individual scoring; England & South Africa both passing 620 on first innings, Ben Stokes doing his thing, etc,…but this has been trumped by Prahan Dhanawale who hit 1009 not out in Mumbai this week.

An image of the scorecard has appeared on Twitter:

1009 not out

CricInfo also holds the full scorecard : http://www.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/match/958397.html

Spare a thought for the bowlers. Five of them went for well over 100 runs…one had horrific figures of 6-0-142-0 and four others were asked to bowl more overs, conceding 241, 281, 284 and 352…although the latter took 2-for!

Back to the Cape Town Test, seven bowlers conceded 100 runs, (or more), in an innings in this match. This got SDCC curious. In our history there has never been a match where more than one Stoke bowler has conceded 100+ runs, but there have been seven occasions, (all in timed cricket), where a bowler has conceded more than 100 runs in an innings:

22-2-124-3 – Dave Moore v Purley on 01/09/1990

18-3-113-2 – Gary Harkett v Magpies on 17/07/1995
All-Day Game

22-1-108-2 – Mike Cooper v Chobham on 23/06/2001

19.4-2-107-4 Jono Fowler v Guildford City on 27/07/2013

21-1-103-3 – Siddhartha Lahiri v Merrow on 11/08/2007

21-5-102-0 – Mike Cooper v Merstham on 07/08/1999
Stoke only had ten men in the field but still managed to draw the game…with the scores level

20-2-101-4 – Harry Jordan v Old Emanuel on 01/08/1953

There have been a couple or near misses, notably Will Frost and Ralphie who had both conceded 96 runs at the point the opposition captain declared, (coincidentally both bowled 20 overs), against Dorking in 2014 and Croydon Gas in 1996. The limited overs ‘record’ dates back to 1995 when a very young Patrick Coni bravely bowled a full nine-over allocation against then Fuller’s powerhouses Haslemere in a 45-over League Cup tie, conceding 91 runs as we had no other bowling options to turn to that day.

Mention was also made of the highest score in an international one day match. It actually came courtesy of an Associate Nation, Papua New Guinea, who scored 572 against New Caledonia in 2007. Note in all the chaos one bowler bowled too many overs!

Scorecard : http://www.cricketarchive.co.uk/Archive/Scorecards/128/128100.html