David Willis says Hello

SDCC recently had an exchange of e-mails with David Willis, (former Club Captain and brother of RGD for those not aware), to see how he was getting on and letting him know about forthcoming club events in case he was in town. In true D.H.Willis style his apology for not being around was more than a polite no…

As you know Stoke D’Abernon CC is closer to my heart than life itself but I happen to be living in Abu Dhabi at the moment so I am not available. I do look at the website every night before bedtime and marvel at the progress being made by the Club and I shall be back ‘ere long I hope, umpiring into my 80’s and 90’s I hope, hearing aid and dog with white stick attached.

Much love to all!

If anyone wants to send David a message, e-mail it to stokecc@hotmail.com and we’ll forward it on.

SDCC 1972

The scorecard for the match that this picture was taken at, (Bob & Dave are pretty easy to spot, but see if you also pick out Vanders and Roy), is here : http://sdacc.play-cricket.com/website/results/254157

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