News for the 2s

People may or may not be aware that the Met Police are not playing in the Championship this year as their resource needs to be devoted to the Summer Olympics and other events in/around the capital.

The League have decided that it would be equally unfair to relegate them so clubs due to play them faced a reduced number of league games and a couple of bye weeks. This had implications for the 2nd XI, and the 2s now have an even shorter league programme following the folding of Carshalton CC.

We have received the following communication from the League:

“…Since the fixtures were prepared and sent out to you Carshalton CC have folded and therefore resigned their 2nd XI in Division 4 from the Surrey Championship and their 1st XI from the Fullers. Alleyn & Honor Oak and Old Wimbledonians will not be playing in the 4th XI Central Division. I attach an updated version of the fixture grid for information. The Surrey Championship Website and Play-Cricket fixtures have been updated.”

Click Here : Revised Surrey Championship Fixtures 2012

Possible Impacts for Stoke and Other Clubs
As a large number of clubs have XIs in different divisions, there could be a number of clubs who could, if their opponents chose to do so, play a very strong 2nd XI if their 1st XI had a bye week. (We felt the full force of this when one of our opponents packed their 2nd XI with 1st XI players for a match in 2009.)

So ‘spirit of cricket’ became an issue to raise here, and the League have issued the following letter : Letter to clubs playing players in lower XIs

We will endeavour to get friendly fixtures for our bye weeks. Watch this space for details…